TUC supports immunity bill for National Assembly

The National Assembly complex

The Trade Union Congress of Nigeria, TUC, on Wednesday, disclosed that it supports the bill seeking to provide immunity to the leadership of the National Assembly.

According to a statement by TUC President, Quadri Olaleye, the immunity should also be extended to all members of the House of Assembly.

He said that providing such immunity for presiding officers against crimes of corruption would ensure a smooth running of the law-making processes.

The House of Representatives was considering a bill, sponsored by Mr Odebunmi Olusegun, seeking constitutional immunity for the top presiding officers of the National Assembly.

The beneficiary of the bill, if passed, are the senate president, Deputy Senate President, and the Speaker of the House of Reps and his Deputy.

The bill, which has passed the second reading during the plenary, is part of the ongoing amendment of the amended 1999 Constitution by the National Assembly.

Olaleye said: “With the jailing of some ex-governors and other political officials there is no need to express fear over the bill.

“Those who have breached public trust can always be investigated, tried and jailed when their tenure expires.

He lamented that after 20 years of the demise of a former president, Sani Abacha, his loots were still being repatriated.

He noted that USA had attached the repatriated monies to specific projects to ensure it was not re looted and described the move as unfortunate.

Olaleye reiterated that the congress would support any move that would ensure a peaceful system but would never stop calling for accountability.

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  • Sounds good, considering the ongoing EFCC vs SARAKI case that is playing out in the courts. The TUC is supposed to endorse ideas that benefit ordinary Nigerian workers, not politicians. Checks and balances are necessary everywhere and in everything people do. Imagine travelling at 100 kph on the Lagos - Ibadan expressway when there is no traffic. Everything will be smooth too, until you discover you left your brakes at home.

    What the Nigerian lawmakers need is legislate absolute transparency in the financial activities of all levels of government and the contracting of third party accounting firms to publish periodical audits for everyone to see and scrutinise. Necessity is the mother of invention, and in this case it is not necessary for lawmakers to put themselves above the laws of the land. Life is about ups and downs. It is about challenging yourself to do your best in the face of opposing forces. That is motivation for those in charge to do their due diligence rather than driving around in an armoured car because a swarm of locust is approaching.

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