Russia’s President Vladimir Putin: country denies interfering in US election

Russia has denied the U.S. intelligence community’s allegations that it is taking steps with the aim of interfering in the U.S. 2020 election.

“Unfounded and proofless accusations against Russia of some kind of interference keep appearing with a manic stubbornness,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

“Russia does not interfere in others’ internal affairs and is also categorically against anyone interfering in Russian affairs,” Peskov said.

Last week, at a briefing to lawmakers, U.S. intelligence community’s election threats executive Shelby Pierson said the community believes Russia is taking steps to interfere in the election with the goal of helping President Donald Trump win.

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The briefers, quoted by Western media, said the intelligence community assessed that Russia views Trump as a leader it can work with.

On Monday, the Russian Embassy in Washington issued a statement, urging U.S. politicians to end the allegations.

“The anti-Russian component in the inter-party struggle in the United States has already led to an unprecedented degradation of bilateral relations,” the statement said.

The embassy recalled that Russia and the United States, as permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, bear special responsibility for international peace and security, so a constructive and pragmatic dialogue between them is crucial for the entire world.

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“We reaffirm our readiness for a substantive discussion with the U.S. side on information security and other issues,” the statement added.