CSO condemns protest against TETFUND boss

Prof. Suleiman Bogoro, Executive Secretary, TETFUND
Prof. Suleiman Bogoro, Executive Secretary, TETFUND
Prof. Suleiman Bogoro, Executive Secretary, Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFUND)

Civil Society Coalition for Transparency has condemned the protest supposedly by students of Nasarawa State University against the Executive Secretary of Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFUND), Prof. Suleiman Bogoro.

Mr Mike Femi, the President of the coalition chided the alleged students at a news conference on Wednesday in Abuja, describing the act as a gross abuse of human rights.

Femi said that the protest was borne out of ignorance on the part of the students for not doing enough to investigate the reason why their sponsors asked them to protest against Bogoro.

He described such protest as malicious and an attempt to impugn the character of the executive secretary, stating that the protest amounted to a campaign of calumny against his person.

According to Femi, the students are being used by the political enemy of the executive secretary, who are jealous of his achievements in TETFUND and Nigerian higher institutions in the country.

“Bogoro’s detractors are desperately seeking to rubbish his many achievements, the corruption allegations against him are baseless and unfounded,” he said.

Femi urged the alleged students to face their studies and desist from being used by desperate politicians who had been consumed by the pull him down syndrome.

It will be recalled that some students of Nasarawa State University protested at the gate of TETFUND on Feb 20, against Bogoro, accusing him of corruption and mismanagement.

The students demanded for his immediate removal from office over issue bothering on corruption.

Femi, however, said that the allegation against Bogoro was unfounded, baseless and lacking in substance as no allegation of corruption had been established against the executive secretary.

He commended Bogoro for his vision and determination to improve the nation’s education system for better global rankings and recognition.

He lauded President Muhammadu Buhari for re-appointing Bogoro as Executive Secretary, TETFUND to help re-shape and develop the nation’s education system.

Femi urged the Federal Government to improve funding for the agency for greater performance.


  1. The sponsors of this acts of gangsterism and selfish ideology should as a matter of fact investigate and review the profile of Prof. Suleiman to Really know whether they are fair and just or full of ignorance then they should blame themselves for the miscarriage of justice and mischief. But in a nut shell Prof. Suleiman Bogoro has been an emancipator and a role model to the Tertiary institutions and to our beloved country!

    • Prof. Suleiman Bogoro has been a man of integrity , honest and love for his country. He has been role model to all tertiary institution. We have seen and touched his work in all tertiary institution within the country. Evil people doesn’t want good people to be in a good position for the development of our their nation. God is always the strength of good people.May God continue to help u

  2. Some people are corrupt and are always trying hard to pull down the uncorrupt because they want everyone to be like them. Prof will prefer to die than be corrupt. Prof. keep moving truthfully.

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