Witchcraft is a myth, it doesn’t exist – AFAW

Dr. Leo Igwe
Dr. Leo Igwe

A group, Advocacy for Alleged Witches (AFAW) has said that witchcraft does not exist and that the concept is a myth, saying that the act of killing children and others on the premise that they are witches is barbaric and must be stopped.

Dr. Leo Igwe, Chief Executive Officer of AFAW, told PM News in an interview in Lagos that persecution of alleged witches should stop, lamenting that there had been several cases children and women suspected to be witches were brutally killed in Nigeria and in some parts of Africa.

He said AFAW was planning a decade of activism against witches persecution in Africa, spanning between 2020 and 2030 in which to end the menace, adding that to realize the objective, the group would engage sharing latest news on witchcraft allegation/witch persecution, as well as engage state and non-state actors in the field of witchcraft accusation.

Igwe added that the group would engage in intervention to protect alleged witches and to educate the accusers and also lobby local, national and regional and global institution in tackling abuses that were linked to witch persecution and witch hunting, as well as cooperate with institutions with similar aims and objectives.

He said the group would organize public education and enlightenment campaigns to reason people out of the misconceptions that drive witch persecution and other harmful traditional practices through training, workshops and seminars for various interest groups.

“AFAW uses a secular, humanist, skeptical and human rights approach to examine witchcraft narratives and address related abuses. Our campaign is founded on the principles that witchcraft is a myth and an imaginary crime which no one commits.

“It is founded in the principles that attributions or causing harm through occult means are based on hearsay and misinformation, panic and anxieties, fear and superstition.

“Witch persecution, killings and trials are forms of human rights abuses that should not be tolerated in the name of religion, culture or tradition. I urge all Africans as well as none Africans, including all Africans in the diaspora to join efforts with us to achieve this important objective,” Igwe stated.







  1. […] Advocates visited many media agencies in Lagos, Oyo, Edo, Rivers and Akwa Ibom states to inform them about the mission and vision of AFAW. The visits featured face to face meetings and exchanges with journalists and reporters, and sometimes debates on the existence and non existence of witches. Some of the journalists were of the view that, while children could not be witches, adults could be. The media establishment constitutes a critical platform for the education and enlightenment of the public. Media agencies often publish news and commentaries that reinforce witchcraft beliefs and magical thinking. It is pertinent that AFAW partners with print and electronic media organisations in dispelling and weakening mistaken ideas that inform witchcraft imputation and witch hunting. Incidentally, AFAW’s goal will not materialize if AFAW must pay for all media appearances and publications. This is because some of the media stations insisted on being paid before they could publish or broadcast anything on the advocacy against witch persecution. Reports on witchcraft beliefs and accusations are published at no costs. Media agencies that put a price on disseminating information that educate and enlighten the people are indirectly hampering efforts to eradicate witch persecution in the region. In the past three months, local and international media organisations such as the BBC, The Punch, National Light contacted AFAW for interviews, others have published opinions and reports on AFAW’s campaign and activities. […]

  2. Bro leave people who a seeking cheap popularity for themselves . You know the easiest way to draw attention is to stand up and shout in the crowd . That’s what this group has tried to do . Tomorrow they will tell the listening world that there is no tomorrow . What ignorant argument they raised !

  3. Humm so some persons dat made a confessional statement are dey telling lies against themselves? Or dose d Holly Bible tel Lie’s wen it said suffer not a witch to live?or are u Senior to d Bible?

  4. Am really happy that this witchcraft issue and myth is going to be expose so that Nigerians can start understanding what reality means, really sad that both the supposed elite, none educated and supposedly educated are all guilty of this ignorance

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