Fury’s gumshield with Nigeria written on it. His gloves also in Nigerian colours

WBC Heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury wore a green-white-green gum shield with the name ‘Nigeria’ written on it when he demolished America’s Deontay Wilder on Sunday morning.

Also, his gloves were green and white, which represents Nigeria’s flag.

What message was Fury trying to pass across to the world?

Sometimes ago, he told Nigeria’s Anthony Joshua that he is more Nigerian than him after Joshua had labeled his fight against Wladmir Klitschko as boring.

A furious Fury replied: “We see who is boring when U fave me! A big bully is what you are u big dosser. Big femi your bully street name. I’ve seen your type many times. The man who can’t speak his own mind, the plastic Nigeria. I’m more Nigerian than you! I’ll fly the flag for Nigeria when we fight,” he said on Instagram.

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Fury probably had worn gloves with green and white colour and a mouth guard with Nigeria written on it to send message to Joshua.

He is like saying “Hey Nigerian Joshua, I am coming for you.”

Fury with his green and white gloves

The world is expecting a mouth-watering fight between Fury and Joshua next.

Fury had on Sunday pummelled Deontay Wilder, knocking him out on two occasions and scored a technical knockout in the seventh round after Wilder’s corner threw in the towel.

Wilder received the beating of his life from Fury all through the seven rounds. It was truly a one man show as the former WBC champion was torn apart by a superior fighter.

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