Buhari’s daughter opens up on DSS’ detention of trader

Okolie and Hanan Buhari
Okolie and Hanan Buhari

Hanan Buhari, daughter of President Muhammadu Buhari has opened up on allegations that the Department of State Services detained a trader, Anthony Okolie, for 10 weeks for using a telephone line that was earlier used by her.

According to her, though she had received complaints from relatives that someone was using her old line to solicit money, she never reported the matter to the DSS.

Hanan said this in a counter-affidavit to the originating motion filed by Okolie.

Okolie had sued the DSS, Hanan and company, MTN for his 10-week ordeal in the security services’ detention.

He accused the DSS of detaining him for 10 weeks, denying him bail and access to his lawyers for using a telephone line that was earlier owned by Hanan, alleging that the DSS detained him for 10 weeks because Hanan, who was schooling in the United Kingdom at the time, failed to come forward to clear him.

In an affidavit deposed to on her behalf by one Idris Abdullahi, PUNCH reports that the President’s daughter said she should not have been joined in the suit because she had no idea that Okolie was ever arrested.

The affidavit read in part, “I was informed by the 2nd respondent (Hanan) in our office on February 15, 2020, around 4pm… that she never made any complaint against any Mr. Anthony Okolie to any officer in State Security Service or any other law enforcement agency.

“That she was not privileged to even know anybody with the name Anthony Okolie and has never reported him or any other person to any law enforcement agency in Nigeria or any other country throughout her life.

“That although she was not happy with the public complaint that someone had been using her old SIM card to solicit for financial assistance using her name, she never complained to any authority and she was not aware that the person’s name was Anthony Okolie until the media published it.”

According to Hanan, she did not have the powers to give the DSS orders to detain anyone.



  1. What i have to say about this matter is that service provider like MTN and the rest of others should stop converting a lost or dropped simcard to someone else use. Once a sim card is not longer used by the first owner, it should be condemned totally to avoid reoccurrence problem in future even though it’s still happening but due to the fact that it involved president daughter that was why the issue was heard. They should leave the innocent man alone. If there is/was issue, the sue should be directed to the service provider. In a nutshell, DSS should render apology to Mr Anthony if truly they detained or even arrest him. Thanks.

  2. If Hanna,did not report the young man to Dss,how did they know that he was using the line to solicit for money,how did he know that the line was hers,he purchased the line through normal procedures. Pls Hanna come up with something else.

  3. The case is straight jacket .It is a way God wants to enrich Anthony and to expose Buhari in one hand nd the communication provider(MTN) on the other.
    How can Hannah or the girl child of Buhari convinced a discerning mind that she did not report the complainant to the DSS .If NOT ,WHO REPORTED ?and the young man was put behind bars for 10 weeks for doing no wrong.Anyway, at the courts, Hannah and her cohorts will find odyssey to tell the public on how not to abuse power.In life ,power is transient

  4. Hanan is just as clueless as the government in Abuja.

    She doesn’t even know how to conjure up a lie convincingly.

    Hanan traveled to the UK without recharging her phone number to keep it updated, thus she ran contrary to the terms and conditions of having the phone number.

    The service provider, reportedly cancelled her ownership of the number, reproduced the Sim card and sold it to the market for a prospective customer/buyer.

    The new buyer and the rightful owner of the number in this case happened to be Anthony Okolie, he doesn’t even know who the previous owner of the number was until he was arrested and by DSS.

    How could Hanan convince any judge or discerning and detribalised Nigerians that Anthony Okolie was using the number to solicit money from people.

    It’s unbelievable. It’s incredible. Someone’s new number is someone else’s old number, no one knows who the old owner of his number was, thus the claim of using the number to solicit money is baseless. It’s neither here nor there. Period.

    I call on Hanah to come up with a better lie on why they unlawfully detained a hard-working Nigerian man.

    This is sadism, persecution, harassment, intimidation, blackmail, brutality and encroachment at it’s best.

    What a situation. I take a stroll. Nonsense.

  5. Modest statement. She has no reason tobe part of the court case she never reported. Anothny okolie is a fraud and wants to be popular . He has to account for any money he solicited using that number.

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