No escape for Fury, he’s going down – Wilder

Wilder and Fury in a brawl
Wilder and Fury in a brawl

Undefeated WBC Heavyweight Champion,  Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder says there is no escape for undefeated lineal Heavyweight Champion, Tyson “The Gypsy King” Fury when they meet in a rematch on Saturday as he is going to knock him out.

The last time the two fighters met, the judges declared the fight a draw despite two brutal knockdown of Fury by Wilder.

“We’ve got unfinished business, and this time you won’t be getting back up after I lay you out. The heavyweight rematch you all have been waiting for goes down on February 22nd live on Pay-Per-View,” Wilder boasted.

During a press conference, Wilder says he truly realized his power during his current knockout streak.

“I looked at my record and realized I was running through guys and knocking them out. You don’t just go in and knock a human out based on will, you really have to have the power to do so, and through that, I realized I had something different. I am just applying my service to my greatness and I am going to use my power up until I can’t use it anymore.

“My power is God-given; I don’t have to do anything at all. I don’t have to lift weights or do a special type of cardio; it’s born with me. It’s an amazing feeling to have it and to be in this position, out of all the things I could be doing, God placed me in this position. As fighters, we are free in this sport, we say as we please with less consequences, so when I use my platform, I use it well. If people see what I do in my occupation and see that I bring the greatness out of myself, then that will translate to people that look up to me.

“Anything is possible in the ring, but it comes down to if he can back up his words. That is where your preparation for the fight comes out. One thing for sure, though, I am a great fighter on my back foot. That’s when I’m able to really time you and set you up and have you run into my own traps. He has a lot of things going on in his camp so that tells you how nervous he is.

“I don’t believe anything Fury says. I think he is just trying to butter me up and use a lot of mind games. He did that in the first fight to try and steal rounds, so we were lucky that we had experienced judges that weren’t influenced by that. I am not concerned with what I say, I am more focused on what he does. I am a man of action,” he said.

According to Wilder, “I am planning for everything, but I think when coming forward doesn’t work for him, he will resort to what he knows. He may try to come forward at first, but once he feels my power, that will stop quickly.

“Round 12 has been in his mind since day one, that’s why he ran away from the rematch. In the back of Fury’s mind, he will think about how I gave him a concussion and how he had no idea how he even got on the ground. So, I do believe that round is in his head, and if he says otherwise, he is lying.

“I deserve to be here because of the talent I have and what I am able to do. And I have been knocking guys out for 12 years, so this is nothing new to me. I mean what I say, and I say what I mean, and I am exactly where I am supposed to be.”