A gynaecologist and author of the ”vagina bible” has opined that shaving or waxing can cause ” microscopic trauma”, urging women not to remove their pubic hair.

The author, Dr Jen Gunter, stated that the purpose of pubic hair is somewhat of a mystery, and that going “au naturel” is necessary to protect the skin by acting as a barrier against the outside world.

”Getting a Brazilian may also reduce sexual pleasure, with pubic hair being connected to nerve endings that might help arousal”, Dr. Gunter added.

Pubic hair “grooming” has almost become the norm, with many blaming the porn industry.

Scientists from the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), asked more than 3,300 women about their downstairs grooming. Of which, 83.8% claimed to wax, shave or epilate their pubic hair, with just 16.2% leaving it intact.

“Hygiene” was the most commonly reported reason (59%) for women removing their hair.

But Dr Gunter warns that waxing, shaving or “sugaring” – mixing sugar, lemon juice and water to create a wax-like gel – may do more harm than good.

“You are causing microscopic trauma to the skin,” she told the BBC.

The gynaecologist added she sees women with cuts, grazes and even infections when hair removal goes awry.

“Pubic hair has a function, it is probably a mechanical barrier and protection for the skin, It may also have a role in sexual functioning because each pubic hair is attached to a nerve ending, that’s why it hurts to remove it” she added.

Other theories as to pubic hair’s purpose include warmth or helping the vagina stay “clean”.