Kaduna attack: Amaechi stoutly stands by his story

Rotimi Amaechi, Aisha Yesufu

Transport Minister, Rotimi Amaechi has stoutly insisted that he was neither attacked nor escape attackers, bandits or kidnappers in Kaduna on Sunday night after leaving Rigasa Station.

It was the second time that the former governor of Rivers would debunk stories that he was among the passengers attacked by armed hoodlums at Mando area.

This time, he was debunking the story by social and political activist, Aisha Yesufu, who had accused him of lying about the attack.

“Madam, I was not attacked, I did not see or escaped attackers, bandits or kidnappers”, he wrote.

Daily Nigerian had first reported the attack quoting a witness, one of the passengers who arrived Rigasa from Abuja, and who also mentioned that Amaechi was also a target and had to make a detour to avoid being in harm’s way.

The attack was repelled as the newspaper reported with the swift arrival of mobile policemen in armoured tanks, the witness said.

Amaechi rebutted the story as fake news and ‘completely concocted’.

Some of the responses to his tweet confirmed that Amaechi has told the truth.