Those who attack churches with crowds are envious – Pastor Oyemade

Adepoju Oyemade
Adepoju Oyemade

Pastor Adepoju Oyemade, Senior Pastor of Covenant Christian Centre, Lagos has said that people who attacked churches with crowds are simply envious.

He said people should not allow hypocrites to deceive them as they also crave for such crowd.

“Let no hypocrite deceive you, what people attack in others is what they truly desire to have. When they say, “numbers mean nothing, I have no desire for anyone’s platform” what they are really saying is “Hey guys I wish I had those numbers and I could speak on those platforms.”

“If it was really about ideological differences meaning the thoughts they are propagating, why speak about their numbers and platforms. Simply state your own interpretation and live according to it that its profiting may appear unto all,” he said in one of his preaching.