Betty Irabor pens note to celebrate Genevieve Magazine at 17

Betty Irabor
Betty Irabor

Nigerian columnist, philanthropist, writer, publisher, and founder of Genevieve Magazine Betty Irabor writes a lovely message, in celebration of the Magazine which is now 17 years.

The 62-year old who says she used to feel unworthy of any accolades even though she puts in work into her business wrote:

To anyone who’s ever thought, “I am a fraud, I don’t deserve it, I am not worthy”, because you think you are an imposter; listen to me, you are not a fraud, you are deserving, you are worthy.

Until recently I didn’t quite understand to what extent this thing called Imposter Syndrome can diminish your worth, rob you of clarity and leave you feeling undeserving of your glory. I couldn’t understand why my accomplishments since I started Genevieve at the age of 46, meant very little whenever I took stock. I always felt I didn’t deserve to be listed among successful and powerful women who were changing the world and reinventing narratives. I always felt that founding Genevieve was no big deal and that anyone could start a magazine and impact lives without feeling they had done something extraordinary. I never saw my contributions as major accomplishments and for the same reason I found it difficult to effectively process compliments without thinking: Do I really deserve that? I could not easily accept that I had in any way influenced thoughts, opinions, culture, fashion, lifestyle or shape conversations.

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Betty previously had a column at Black & Beauty magazine UK. She also has a foundation that promotes breast cancer awareness, early detection, and treatment. Irabor was born on March 25, 1957, and she’s married to Soni Irabor.