Bethel Brown

By Jennifer Okundia

Content creation is usually done around areas of interest of a person, it is no wonder many individuals have started to look inwards to discover themselves rather spend the rest of their lives, working at a job or doing business just to for the sake of the money only.

Bethel Brown, a newlywed London based content creator, makes videos about different life issues, especially those bothering on relationships and everyday living generally.

The 26-year-old vlogger who wed her hubby Marv Brown in 2019 has shared 10 tips she learned in her first year of marriage due to popular demand and you can catch up on the whole gist right here.

The beautiful Eritrean is focusing on a faith-based marriage and open to learn new things about her spouse who is a wedding photographer as they evolve. This is as a result of her Christian background.

If you have varying opinions on her approach to marriage, let us know in the down below, plus if you learned something new, also share with us.