Coronavirus: Foreign students, AU express solidarity with China

A message of solidarity to China in the season of coronavirus or COVID-19
A message of solidarity to China in the season of coronavirus

Many foreign students, studying in China have jointly written a letter to express their support for China in its fight against the coronavirus.

The letter comes from foreign students at the Hunan University of Technology in central China’s Hunan Province. The students said that they believe China “will give a powerful rebuff to all difficulties and adversities that have appeared in the fight against this disease.”

The Chinese people in difficult times show that China is a united nation, the letter continued.

“Wuhan, we are with you! China, we are with you!”

African leaders in Addis Ababa also express support for China

The letter was written in Chinese, Russian and English and posted on social media.

At the university, many foreign students said they have confidence in China’s ability to win the battle against the epidemic.

“The university has informed us about specific protection measures,” said Darisuren Suvd-Erdene, from Mongolia. “They take our temperatures every day and provide food, masks and daily necessities.”

“We are with China, and we believe in the Chinese government’s efforts to fight the epidemic,” said El Hatimi Laila, from Morocco.

Nezamov Rasul, from Uzbekistan, wrote on his social media, “I am with China, and we will get through this together”.

The African Union (AU) has also expressed solidarity with China in its fight against the novel coronavirus.

“In the spirit of the strong relationship existing between member states of the AU and China and cognizant of the fraternal historical ties and cooperation between them, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of AU member states express their solidarity with the government and people of China in their efforts to counter spread of the new novel coronavirus and to cope with its health ramifications,” the AU’s Executive Council said in a press statement issued at the end of a session held at the AU headquarters in Addis Ababa.

The statement affirmed AU member states’ confidence in China’s capability to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The AU members “have confidence in the ability of the Chinese authorities to deal with the challenges this epidemic poses and to take necessary measures in this regard,” it said.

“They are confident that the Chinese authorities will work in collaboration with all countries for their common interest in dealing with the various humanitarian, social and economic challenges containing this new virus,” it added.

Reported by Xinhua