Lagos Okada/Keke ban: 3 videos that will shock you

Lagos government announces fresh route ban, restrictions against Okada, Keke Marwa
Lagos government announces fresh route ban, restrictions against Okada, Keke Marwa

Since 1 February when the Lagos State Government ban on Okada and Tricycles on major highways and bridges took effect, some Nigerians have criticised Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu over the decision.

We recommend these three videos to the critics for their viewing ‘pleasure’, to enable them re-assess their viewpoint.

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In support of Okada/Keke ban in Lagos


  1. The fear of Billionaires is the beginning of wisdom for Sanwo-Olu and the ruling elites in Lagos. Which is why it is easier to ban Okada and Keke riders owned by thousands and thousands of ordinary citizens than to take on the tankers and trailers that literarily cost an equal if not greater menace on our roads… These Trailers and Container carriers and fuel loading trucks are owned by members of the billionaire club…and as such are untouchable.
    Come to Apapa and with your fare paid, you will still walk down to your destination. What alternative has been provided in such areas? We possibly can come out by 5am to go to work when these tanker drivers sleep on their tankers, trailers or containers. They could attack you or even harm you. Take away these trailers and tankers too. Let them move via seaports. We are tired of you imposing this on us.

  2. Is there any administration that has not barn okada in lagos? Let’s give them 2 months, they will allow them to start running after they have achieved thier aim.
    During campaign, they will buy helmets for them and after election, you collect thier bike.
    Why allowing the people to Invest on the bike business and you will collect tax and now you are tellrng stories of all sorts, we have heard one chance in this lagos and you never barn them.
    When our leaders fail to plan, they plan to fail.
    Sanwo, they are using you, watch your back.

  3. An action long overdue, even the so called organized commercial bike operators are also lawless. ,an opay biker drove on the yet to be completed pedestrian bridge at shogunle, another opay biker drove against traffic on the newly constructed ramp on Lagos International airport road.
    A lot of uncultured and lawless behaviour are being experienced daily from these bikers and even the passengers.
    A biker hits your vehicle, breaks your mirror or lights if he is not injured, he leaves the car owner to sort himself out. If he is affected, he parks right in front of your vehicle, creates a scene, other bikers come forms an unholy association, blame you for the bike’s carelessness, even beat up the car owner.
    The government made an alternative, but because when God was given His creatures patience, Nigerians were in a hurry to come to planet earth hoping the patience will come and meet us here, but unfortunately NO.
    We Nigerians just failed to plan, hence because bike is faster and can wriggle itself between where is and not necessary, some of us feel it is the best and fastest at what cost, of course, our health and life.
    I dont use bike no matter what even when I didnt have a car, I plan my journey and leave 2hours head start to wherever i want to go, even now that i have a car, I still give myself always the 2hours head start incase there is traffic.
    Yesterday 5th February 2020, wanted to go to Ojodu, I parked my car in ikeja, use the BRT fully airconditions, I even thought I was in the plane, very comfortable and smooth, on my way back, because I left late, i couldnt wait for the BRT, I used the normal conventional danfo, and i got back to ikeja at the nick of time.
    I know someone working on the island, leaves home 4am, gets to office 4;20am, relaxes and sleep till resumption of work at 8:00.
    Let us always plan our movement and stop giving excuses or painting what is bad as being the correct thing. No country or nation progresses with such a thinking.

    • I am neither a fan of bike nor of maruwa, as much as practicable they should be off our major roads if not all our roads. I quite agree with you on so many points raised but I fault your analytical prowess.
      The point is that the government has failed and yet failing! Most of the reasons they give are flimsy because they could actually be curtailed if their is a working system. Government should leave up to their responsibilities.
      In a country riddled with poverty and high propensity to commit crime, you don’t just take away means of livelihood from people without adequate provision. The ripple effect of the ban outweigh the good side economically, socially, and security wise. But I know we would survive: we always have.

  4. These are stories to the Gods. There are plenty car accidents via danfo. Has he banned them? How many accidents have been recorded by organised bike system like opay. How many accidents have been recorded by danfo and trailers, why didn’t he ban them?

    They are fooling us. There is something behind this ban than meets the eye. After making people to invest billions of Naira, you are now talking stories without alternative. It is only selfish car owners that will talk like this. Any policy that renders your citizens absolutely impoverished without alternative pathway is a stupid one.

    • Am a graduate 8years without job, I earn my daily Income from bike, now okada is ban, even in the street no okada is not alow, I don’t really know what else to do now, I have submit my CV to several company, attended several interview, many are GNLD.
      May God help.

  5. I, strongly support the Lagos state government decision to the ban of tricycle and Okada on the high way. No amount of law can curtail their gross insubordination and misconduct on the high way. A strong leader is the one who can make a decision and stand by it. Long live Lagos state government!

  6. This is coming very late. Okada is a menace in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole. I was left with shock one time in Mile 2 seeing the nuisance they constitute. So I hail the Lagos State Government for making this move. But they should also look for an alternative way to support the riders because some families will be left broken because of it and commuters will be in a mess. So an alternative measure need to come into effect. But since the ban is not 100%, I think it is a good move.

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