Oyedepo bombs failed bomber, Miyetti Allah, Boko Haram

Bishop David Oyedepo: bombs failed bomber, Boko Haram and Miyetti Allah with curses

Bishop David Oyedepo, founder and presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, better known as Winners’ Chapel International said the botched bombing of a branch of his church in Kaduna, was proof of God’s omnipresence and Jesus miracle.

He spoke yesterday at the Church’s Covenant hour of prayer, raining curses on the failed bomber, Miyetti Allah and Boko Haram.

“The most irresponsible, most murderous system, is what we have today and in the name of Jesus by the Apostolic authority upon my life and Prophetic seal on my forehead, your end has come.

”We are here this morning to celebrate Jesus for delivering us from so great a death’.

”There was a failed attempt to bomb one of our Churches in Kaduna yesterday.

”This agent of the devil already entered the premises, found his way to the toilet, (but “who delivered us from so great a death”wink, was accosted and arrested.

”One, that’s a proof that God is in our midst. It shows that God is in our midst and we are here not to assume but to celebrate his faithfulness.

”To tell this Nation as they would expect me to do, the last straw that will break the back of everybody in authority, backing these callous killers has come.

”To tell everyone behind this: your days are numbered. This prophet is saying the Kingdom is taking away from you. It’s impossible for these killers to be on the loose without some authorities backing them up.

”So many precious lives have been wasted in the last 2 weeks and in the name of Jesus, the generations of those involved is declared wasted.

”I don’t care: Boko Haram, Miyetti Allah, whatever name you are called, I decree the curse of the Lord upon you now.

”Everyone in government, everyone in security services, that is behind these killings: YOUR END HAS COME.” he added.

Oyedepo’s statement was first reported by Daily Post.


  1. Is it not too sad that for 3days he could not be rescued by Nigerians since the number one citizen is an impostor exposed by Nnamdi Kanu and WikiLeaks Asange to be al-sudan Jubril Aminu from Sudan and we kept quiet and allowed him to flood Nigeria with hungry foreign Fulani visa on arrival who have come only but to kill and destroy our Nation. if we don’t act fast,soon anybody can be kidnapped and beheaded. please Nigeria wake up or Odua wake up just as Biafrans have delivered themselves

  2. No body can stop the manifestation of the will of the Almighty God. This is just the beginning. Jesus is Lord.

  3. Nimot Sulaimon, please follow your conscience, why was the name changed overnight from Mohammed Sanni to Samuel after police took over the case from the church which arrested him. .. just to deceive the public. God remains impartial forever is watching.. Check your facts right. Are terrorists all over the world not Muslims. Christianity was and is still being spread by peaceful preaching to “repent from sins and believe the gospel, the kingdom of God is at hand, Escape for your life, hell is real.”. Have you ever seen anybody kidnapped and asked to renounce islam. What about the US delta aircraft underwear bomber from the North Nigerian, a son of a wealthy man who attempted to bomb the US-bound aircraft, now sentenced to life in jail. The divine prophecy on ishmael after Abraham’s error and impatience, …”he will be against every man” that is a terrorist. The error and impatience of Sarah and Abraham has produced what has deprived the world of peace and in particular in the middle East. What a lesson to all of us.

  4. Anybody can claim to have any name, that isn’t a proof. Islam is a problem, have you watched the killing of CAN chairman, they even recited your quran before committing that cruel act. No Christian would do that to a CAN chairman.. Terrorists !

  5. The name Nathaniel Samuel was doctored by the police. His real name is Mohammed Sanni as he confessed when he was arrested by the church security men who handed him over to the police.

  6. You guys should put religious differences aside and address the main issue here, the Almighty God will continue to expose those that have sold their souls the devil irrespective of profession or religion in Jesus’ name… Amen.

    • Nathaniel Samuel’s father has confirmed that his son has never been a Muslim, he is a Christian by faith and by birth. How do guys now come about Muhammed sani? Where would lie lead us to? NO where than destruction.

  7. Don’t be fooled by names. Criminals can adopt any name just to deceive the unsuspecting public! Glory be to the Most High for this miracle. The Bomber should be thoroughly investigated and I don’t want to hear that the suspect died in POLICE CUSTODY!

  8. Oyedepo or what is your name. Miyat Allah or Boko aram are not the one plan bomb. It’s your own Christian brother .
    Almighty Allah will continue to exposes and punish all this suicide bomber, terrorist and kidnapper.
    No Muslim. They are Christian brother .

    • You are so daft. Since when did u see Christians planting bombs? That’s the nonsense they sold to u abi? God has exposed you demons.

    • Ola and Nimot, the real name of the terrorist is Mohammed Sanni. The police in trying to cover up named him Nathaniel Samuel so as not to cause further trouble. The man by himself confessed his name as Mohammed Sanni when he was apprehended…

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