Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie kicks Sanwo-Olu over Okada ban

Yul Edochie
Yul Edochie
Yul Edochie

Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie has berated the Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s Lagos State Government for banning okadas in certain routes in Lagos.

Edochie warned that the state government should know that an idle hand is the devil’s workshop.

According to him, banning okada riders without alternative source of livelihood for them was dangerous.

He wrote on his twitter handle: “Dear Lagos State Government, as you ban Okada, have you made arrangements for an alternative source of livelihood for Okada riders?

“An angry and idle mind they say is the devil’s workshop.”

The Lagos State Government had recently banned okada and tricycle riders from plying routes in 15 councils and all major roads and bridges across the state.

The ban took effect from February 1, 2020. Since the ban, Lagosians had been going through serious hardship on roads as many of them resorted to trekking with no means of transportation.


  1. Mr Ademola, there is something we call local disgrace, national disgrace and international disgrace… Choose for yourself and choose wisely…. Do you even know what Civilization means;

  2. The usual nonsense from Igbos, is Lagos your state? How many Yoruba people get involved in the politics of Igbo land. These Igbos are the problem of this country, busy bodies!

  3. Lagos state should not make life difficult for those who are struggling to survive through okada riding but rather I suggest that the Lagos state government create separate roads for okada riders just as they created for the BRT instead of placing a ban on okada riding. With this everyone will be accomodated and crime rate will reduce.

  4. Mr ademola can’t u see that u are the fool here, everyone is firing point and u are fooling yourself , must u people become problem to others because u occupy one stupid position in the state, use ur stupid brain Mr man,

  5. My God will indeed bless you Yul. Our Government should know that no man knows who is going to be Okada man tomorrow,. To the people insulting Yul, Infact I don’t know what to say, but have it in mind that if the bad effects come you will be the number one person it will strike. Ask former Governor of Enugu state, he will tell you, just be warned

  6. Lagos state government, this is not fair at all.
    Firstly these Okada and Keke riders have families and responsibilities. Have you considered how they would feed?
    The thought was a barbaric thought because Lagos state is a well populated place where transportation is made easier with Okada and Keke
    I don’t know how you want the people to survive

  7. Anybody that is insulting Yul Edochie is an idiot, for goodness sake. Yul made a good point that Government did not create an alternative means for them before banning okada which is correct.

  8. Yul Edochie is a fool who doesn’t want good things in his life,,, Gov, Sanwo, olu is the best man indeed who is looking for welfare of his people,,,

    • Mr man. Why are you insulting him? What did he do to you? He just said his opinion. It’s like you don’t have brain! You most be a Yoruba guy that lacks respect for other tribes.

    • You lack civility Mr Man.
      Somebody just gave the government an advice, something every sane mind knows its nothing but the truth. The country is battling unemployment and insecurity, those who are self employed in whatever means from whence they feed their family, the Government is taking it away from them in the of Banning without any alternative means for them.
      You banning 1000 Keke and Okada riders, where do you expect them to find job to feed themselves and their families? Out of 1000, 20 persons most go back to one form of Criminality or another.

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