An archeological site for illustration

Chinese archeologists have unearthed 115 archaeological sites in southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality.

According to the Chongqing Municipal Institute of Cultural Heritage, archeologists have completed the first comprehensive archaeological survey and unearthed 115 sites, which covered a total area of 16.5 square kilometers, in Hechuan District of Chongqing.

Wei Huang, an expert with the institute, said that among the 115 archaeological sites unearthed during the excavation, 14 were from the Han Dynasty to the Six Dynasties (202 B.C.-589 A.D.); 17 were from the Tang Dynasty to the Song Dynasty (618 A.D.-1279 A.D.); 80 were from the Ming Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty (1368 A.D.-1912 A.D.) and four were from early modern times.

The newly discovered cultural relics include ancient tombs, temples, pagodas, ancient military structures and wharves, according to Huang.

“The abundant and reliable archaeological sites unearthed here not only provide new firsthand materials for the study of the history of the area, but also provide new material evidence for in-depth study of the military history of the 13th century,” Huang added. (Xinhua/NAN)