Pastor J.S. Yusuf: he is not into anointing female pants and bras

A viral news that claimed that an Abuja based pastor, J.S. Yusuf has been anointing the bras and pants of spinsters with his image, has been debunked as ‘fake news’.

The fake report with photoshopped bras and pants, emblazoned with the pastor’s photo, was shared on the popular Nigerian social media platform, Nairaland on Thursday night, ten days after Yusuf’s church trashed the story. The fake news publisher is a news platform called ‘Abuja Reporters’.

Pastor Shedrach Abang who issued a disclaimer on behalf of the church, Touch for Recovery Outreach International, on 21 January, said the report was concocted and dismissed it as false.

“As a church, we do not take this report as just blackmail, but a calculated plan to steal, kill and destroy”.

Yusuf is the senior pastor of the church, with acronym TROI.

Read Abang’s statement:

The fake pants and bras with Yusuf’s image

Pastor J.S. Yusuf and his wife