Daddy Freeze, Reno Omokri clash over Bible interpretation

Reno Omokri and Daddy Freeze

Controversial media personality, Daddy Freeze and Reno Omokri, a former aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan and a pastor have had a public disagreement over their interpretation of the Bible scriptures.

Daddy Freeze tagged Reno Omokri in a post shared by popular social media influencer, Tunde Ednut asking a biblical question regarding the creation story. The question sought an answer to who Cain married since his parents Adam and Eve were the “only two people created by God” in the book of Genesis.

Reno replied by insinuating that Cain married his sister because “In those days, people married their sisters.”

Daddy Freeze who did not agree with Reno took to his Instagram account to poke holes in Reno’s answer, saying Adam had daughters after Cain already had his own children so Cain couldn’t have married his sister.

“The only problem is; Adam had daughters AFTER his son Cain, NOT before Cain had his own children.”

Daddy Freeze added that it is “impossible to say Cain married one of his sisters as this is not scripturally accurate.”

He went on to say that there are “missing portions of the scripture” and this makes it harder to arrive at an answer.

He added: “The biggest elephant in the room that my brother Reno didn’t acknowledge is the fact that the book of Genesis was NEVER found complete.”

Reno didn’t seem too pleased with Daddy Freeze’s post publicly disagreeing with him so he addressed it by saying, “@Daddyfreeze. You know that I have NEVER responded to anything concerning you without first trying to reach you privately. This morning I called you twice. You did not pick up. If you did, I would have explained these things to you without going public.”

Reno also faulted Daddy Freeze’s submission that there are missing parts of the book of Genesis.

He added in his reply to Daddy Freeze: “My question to you is this: Are you arguing to win an argument or to find out the truth?”

He went on to say to Freeze, “You know me personally. I am not an internet-based researcher. I visited Ethiopia 7 times for research purposes. I went on research trips to Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Rome, and The Vatican, and Greece.

In response, Daddy Freeze wrote: “@Renoomokri, you often don’t need to move from a spot to receive revelation. Traveling is not the essence.

Freeze also acknowledged that he missed Reno Omokri’s call and only saw much later that he had tried to call him.

In his reply to Reno, Freeze also insisted that “the book of genesis is incomplete.”