Abdullahi Adamu

The Abuja Municipal Area Council, AMAC, Chairman, Alhaji Abdullahi Adamu has announced plans to raise billions of Naira to improve service delivery in the council through improved internally generated revenue made possible by technology.

Adamu, while opening a two-day training course for revenue officers, on Tuesday, themed: “AMAC 2020: Open For Business”, at Bolingo Hotel Abuja, stated that his agenda was to exponentially raise the revenue of AMAC to provide funds for the execution of key infrastructure projects.

Describing the e-registration as a revolutionary model, the chairman also noted that with the AMAC online business directory, incidences of double taxation would be eradicated and businessmen would have ease of paying their taxes.

“The AMAC IGR Enumeration effort will be instrumental in fostering a climate where businesses can thrive, as we build the AMAC Online Business Directory. It will also help eradicate double taxation and streamline the burdensome process of paying bills by our esteemed residents.

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“We envision that the current economic challenges in the country provide a unique opportunity to create an inclusive, participatory, bottom-up approach to governance that will stimulate economic growth. As we look to a future where the strength of the local government will be drawn from ideas and partnerships with civil society organisations, schools, businesses and individuals we’d like to start by building a relevant database,” he stated.

He further explained the model which is the first of its kind would transform the way revenue is generated at the local government levels through a clean database, and thus foster development, adding that for citizens to enjoy the dividends of democracy, they must contribute to government’s purse so that government can be able to carry out its obligations.

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“With the AMAC IGR Enumeration effort, we want to set the pace in efficiency in local government revenue collection and accountability, and to leverage on all statutory revenue sources.

“The delivery of any kind of development can only be achieved with the use of and efficient revenue database. In the era of improved and efficient delivery of the dividends of democracy it is imperative that AMAC raises her a-game towards maximising her revenue base. When we improve our revenue base, particularly our efforts at collecting internal revenue, there is more that we can do.” Alhaji Adamu noted.

Simi Fajemirokun, the Principal Partner of Acropolis, the consultants handling the training, stated that the creation of an AMAC Online Business Directory was a major move towards making local governments more autonomous, functional and able to carry out development without begging the State Governments.

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