The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) on Thursday unveiled its anti-drug ambassador, Miss Ugochi Onuoha.

It said the development was aimed at providing measures to curb the menace of drug abuse among youths in the country.

The agency’s Chairman, Col. Muhammad Abdallah (Rtd) said at the unveiling ceremony in Abuja that the idea was also conceived to help in curtailing the scourge that was eating deep into the veins of the youths.

Abdallah said that he was happy to see a young person taking ownership to unshackle youths from drug abuse and illicit drug trafficking.

“When the idea of an anti-drug ambassador was conceived, I did not hesitate to give instant approval.

“Because it is a clear indication that the idea of drug control as a shared responsibility, which we have been canvassing over the years, has crystallised.

“I have no doubt that it will go a long way in redefining our drug control efforts.

“It certainly will help in addressing the gap of lack of active involvement of our youths in the programmes and activities aimed at deescalating the scourge of drug abuse and illicit trafficking, ” he said.

Abdallah said that youths’ involvement in drug control was cardinal, as they constituted the most vulnerable group to drug abuse.

He said that the ambassador would work closely with the agency and other stakeholders for two years to draw attention to its overall priorities of addressing the drug issues affecting the people.

“As an NDLEA anti-drug ambassador, you are expected to serve as the face of NDLEA to help drive anti-drug sensitisation and public awareness through advocacy and mobilisation of relevant stakeholders, ” he said.

The Chairman urged the public to be involved in the business of ridding the country of drug abuse and other social vices.

He said that everyone had a role to play in the drug control chain, adding that the space was wide enough for every stakeholder to function without hindrance.

“Let me also make a special appeal to the gentlemen of the press, that the success of this particular initiative and the subsequent programmes and activities depends on your sustained media coverage.

“This would help in ensuring that the message can continue to resonate with the general public,” he added.

The anti-drug ambassador said a lot of persons, especially youths were involved in illicit drug abuse and trafficking.

Onuoha, a political science student of University of Lagos (UNILAG) and a musical artist, said that she would use her music career to educate the youths on the dangers of drug abuse.

“I know a lot of people especially youths who have really destroyed their lives by doing drugs and being a youth, I would help the county to be a better place for everyone.

“I intend to use my music career to fight drug abuse. Music as a tool to fight the menace among youth would go a long way and I will use it to stop the trend,” she stated.