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Kano Hisbah summons American lady, Nigerian lover ahead of wedding

Hisbah invites American lady, Hausa lover getting married

A 46-year-old American woman, Janine Sanchez and her Kano-based lover, Isah Sulaiman who are planning to get married have been invited by Kano State Sharia Police known as Hisbah to a  meeting at their Panshekara Office ahead of their wedding.

The meeting, which was held in a closed door had Isah’s father Sulaiman and his brother in attendance.

Isah and Janine are planning on getting married in March after meeting on Instagram one year ago, exchanged pictures and started an online courtship.

Ms Delsky, who lives in California, USA, landed at the Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport, Kano on Saturday and went straight to meet the parents of her lover.

Although, the outcome of the meeting with State Sharia Police was not disclosed, however, the intending couple were sighted sitting comfortably while the Hisbah officers familiarise themselves with them.

The social media lovers had also paid a visit to the State Headquarters of the Hisbah Board along Sharada road.

She said many people had courted her online but she found Mr Isa as the most loving and sincere. The mother of two said they both agreed to get married and fly to the US where they intend to settle.

In an interview, Ms Delsky said she decided to follow her boyfriend to Kano because of her love for him.

Mr Isa, who has just finished secondary school, said that he is ready to follow his girlfriend to America to settle and build a family.

He said he was not bothered about the age gap, adding that “it’s even the Sunna of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, Peace be Upon Him, to marry a woman who is far older than you”.

He expressed optimism that Ms Delsky would one day accept Islam and become a Muslim.

Isa’s mother, Fatima Suleman, said she had no objection to her son’s relationship with American girlfriend, noting that she would pray for them to have a happy married life in America.

Similarly, Alhaji Sulaiman while answering questions from newsmen at his residence in Panshekara, said he would accord his son all the necessary support he desires to ensure his smooth take off to the United States and successful wedding with the American woman.

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  • Really OK,wish them luck. However,there are three or things they will need to make sure they don't overlook.
    1. How he will get along with her two kids.
    2. Deal with the challenges that might arise due to differences in Religion,culture,age,region,educational background and Possession. Especially most of these are of the Lady.
    3. I hope he should love and treat her with passion not scam n run after younger Girls,American don't settle for cheating o be warned.
    4. I hope she take advantage of his age,color,educational level financial status n turn him into a slave instead of a husband.
    5. Both should love,respect n be humble to each other in their different faith.

  • If hisbah is so effective in the north,then what is wrong with Amotekun initiative? Anyway I congratulate the poor Almajiri that has just found love in his grandmother's age mate that will take away his family poverty, even the hisbah police wishes they have such opportunity.

  • With my utmost heart , I do not support this God forsaken marriage. Americans will tell you they love you but eventually enslave you. I forbid this marriage!!!!!!!

    • Wht about the Nigerian Con Artist n Scammers world wide? This boy has an agenda. He is an open scammer. He wants just to get out of Nigeria.

  • Those comparing Amotekun with Hisbah are not listening to the supporters of Hisbah. Hisbah, they say was born in the Kano state House of Assembly. The South West Governors should introduce legislation to formalize Amotekun.
    In this democratic dispensation, you cannot just assemble a bunch of people, give them uniforms, vehicle's and say go out and collect intelligence. There has to be an enabling document spelling out what they can and cannot do.
    As noble as the intention behind the formation of Amotekun is, we are political animals and the potential for abuse is huge. Let's have the rules of engagement in written form.

  • Akaso says:
    Those comparing Amotekun and Hisbah are not listening to the arguments of Hisbah faithfuls. Hisbah, they say was passed into law by the Kano state government which Amotekun has no force of law backing it.
    The ball is now in the court of the South West governors. They should introduce legislation to regularize Amotekun, Period.

  • To be candid, without being tribal emotional, OPERATION AMOTEKUN IS ILLEGAL and its legality can not be contested in any law court while with all sincerity HISBAL at various states in the North are legal. The illegality of AMOTEKUN is based on the following premises:
    1. Hisbal in the Northern States are the products of the laws passed by each state concern House of Assembly while operations AMOTEKUN was not a product of any house of Assembly.
    2. There is nothing like SOUTHWEST as an entity in the Nigerian Constitution.
    3. No any legislative backing for its establishment.
    4. There is no single Southwest house of Assembly to pass the establishment of AMOTEKUN into law.

  • The fact that this lady traveled all the way to Nigeria to meet this young man and his parents, despite all the bad name given to Nigeria by a few Nigerians from a particular region of the country, shows how genuine her love is for him.

    I know there are overwhelming majority of Nigerians from a particular region of the country, that could not stomach the fact that this young man, from this particular region of the country, could find such true love. They wished it were them. And since it is not, then they would want wished this union to death.

    I wish them nothing but the best. All those opposing them are themselves among those that would give an arm and a leg to find such a genuine loving relationship.

    Coming from the same region of Nigeria, and of the same religious faith, speaking the same language as this young man, having been married to a white American for over thirty years, seven beautiful children, (now most of whom are adults with children of their own), my wife and I here to let this couple know that they are not alone. They are on the right path. May the Almighty God bless their union.

    Congratulations . And we wish the couple a very happy wedded long life and prosperity.

  • It's really sad that Hausas have decided to enslave the southerners, why the double standard, hisbah in the north is legal Amotekun in the south is illegal, Sharia is legal in Nigeria? While Christians cannot even attend church freely in this area, hijab is allowed for NYSC female Muslims while skirts is an abomination to Christian corpers. Are we in same country with the northerners ? What benefit is southerners deriving from the northerners? The northerners occupied almost all the key post in Nigeria including security chiefs, it's high time will call for review of our political system in line with the law of the Land.

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