Rihanna and A$AP Rocky on 2 December in London

There have been tonnes of media speculations that rapper A$AP Rocky may be Rihanna’s new boyfriend after her breakup with billionaire age-mate Jameel Hassan.

Both Rihanna and Rocky, full name Rakim Athelaston Mayers, were seen Friday night backstage at s charity show in Brooklyn, New York that A$AP organises to enrich Always Strive and Prosper Foundation to help fight drug abuse. Both were chummy and shared mirthful laughters together.

The two singers, both age mates, have been linked together since 2013, but the speculations always ended up in smoke.

Now TMZ has chronicled recent intimacy between the two.

A$AP Rocky with Rihanna in Brooklyn on Friday night

“Rihanna’s been around A$AP quite a bit over the past few months or so — which seems to have gone somewhat under the radar. She went to Sweden last month to check out his comeback show — granted, she wasn’t seen in his company. At least not here.

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“Still, folks couldn’t help but notice that just a week prior to the show … she and Rocky posed for photos together at the 2019 British Fashion Awards. He was wearing Fenty — her fashion brand — and she thanked him for it on social media. She posed with lots of other gents that night too.

“And yet, you can’t ignore Rihanna chillin’ with A$AP and the Mob back in October, where it looks like she was partaking in a rap battle, with Rocky right by here side. He even brings her in a for a quick side hug at one point, and she looks tight with him and the crew”.

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“It’s not the first time romance rumours have swirled around the pair — back in 2013, they’d been seen apparently kissing while on set for a music video (off-camera), but Rocky downplayed the speculation at the time and said their relationship was platonic”.

Whether the new relationship is platonic or whether A$AP is just Rihanna’s loyal companion, time will soon tell.

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