Bisi Alimi

By Taiwo Okanlawon

Nigerian gay rights activist, Bisi Alimi who celebrated his 45th birthday on the 17th Jan. 2020 has shared a piece of advice to all gay Nigerian living in the country.

Bisi Alimi took to social media to advise to find means to escape from the country that ” is designed to kill you and your dreams!”

The Berlin-based university lecturer shared a post which reads thus; ”Dear Nigerian LGBTQ Individuals, if you can find your way out of Nigeria please do it. To be honest, start investing in getting out of that jungle. Your future matters.”

Bisi who is married now and now lives abroad with his husband went on to caption the post;

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”Enough said……. That jungle is designed to kill you and your dreams!”

Bisi who clocked 45-year-old on the 17th January, 2020 in another post on his Twitter page, said “I was 29yrs old when I was diagnosed with #HIV, the year was 2004, we had three options as gay men in #Nigeria; 1, wait & die. 2, get on AZT and deal with side effect, 3, be disowned by the community.

“Today I am 45yrs, I am still here, still living and still slaying,” he added.

Bisi is the first Nigerian to come out on national TV as a gay.

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He is and activist who has been appealing to the Nigerian government about laws against same-sex affairs and a draconian law that makes even befriending a gay person a crime punishable by 10 years in jail.