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ÀMÒTÉKÙN: Where is Bola Tinubu?

Operation Amotekun

By Remi Oyeyemi

“Òro se ni wò, ká lè m’eni tó fé ni.” – Yorùbá Aphorism
Translation: “Be afflicted and know those who love you.”

“Ká rìn gèrè, ká f’esè ko, ká w’eni tí ó se ‘ni pèlé.”- Yorùbá Aphorism
Translation: “You know your true friends in time of trial.”

Time is a very powerful element in nature. Time derobes and robes. It disarms and arms. It convicts and acquits. Time exculpates and exonerates. Time vindicates and rehabilitates. It corroborates and extenuates. With time, assumptions are confirmed or thrown to the curb as baseless and vacuous. Time is never oblivious. Neither is it ever stagnant. It is ever conscious. It never sleeps.

In Nature, there are legion of variables. These variables are centripetal to the definitive characteristic of Nature. But there are very few tools of Nature. Among the few tools is Providence which some would understand or characterize as a sort of Divine Intervention. Providence intervenes at auspicious times, to salve, save, salvage or sink, sag or submerge.

The awesomeness of the ways of Providence is why it is viewed as Divine Intervention by many. It is why it is viewed with amazement by not a few. This is because at the intervention of Providence, all doubts are erased. All prevarications are vacated. All caviling are crammed. All carping are cramped. The rain would be gone, completely. And the people would be able to see very clearly, crystally. Translucently.

As to the true identity of Bola Ahmed Tinubu (BAT), with every passing second, every passing minute, hour, days, weeks, months and years, we are finding out who he is and what he is about. With the manifestation of every important event in the trajectory of the Yorùbá Nation, we are finding out what he is about.

The Yorùbá Nation in every hour of its need had found Bola Ahmed Tinubu wanting. It has found him absent. The Yorùbá Nation is earnestly searching for him in its hour of acridity

BAT has had several opportunities. He has had several chances of rebirth. He has missed them all and has continued to miss them.

When the Yorùbá were murdered in Ile-Ife, Bola Tinubu was nowhere to be found to defend the Yorùbá people. He was nowhere to be found in the defence of the people he claims to lead. The rest of Yorùbá sons, who escaped being murdered by the prowling Fulani territorial adventurists were rounded up and taken to Abuja to be tried, Tinubu had no courage to stand up for them. He could not be found.

When the Fulani went on rampage at Ketu in Lagos, burning and murdering the Yorùbá owners of the land, the self-acclaimed “Asíwájú” could not be found. He could not stand up for the Yorùbá victims of usurpers of the Oòduà land. He was silent deafeningly. He was not willing to offend his Fulani masters to whom he has sold the Yorùbá Race, the Yorùbá Nation. The Yorùbá people who have offered him support when he needed it.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu has been found wanting when Yorùbá farms were being invaded, when our investments were being destroyed by Fulani herdsmen, when our sons and daughters were being murdered on their farms. Tinubu has repeatedly refused to stand up for Yorùbá sons and daughters, when they were being kidnapped, killed and extorted.

Not a word on record has he said unequivocally, in support of the Yorùbá sons and daughters across the aisle. He was silent when Chief Olu Falae was kidnapped and his farm invaded. He was silent when Chief Falae’s guard was kidnapped and killed. When the daughter of Afenifere leader was murdered, Tinubu’s way of commiserating was asking, “Where are the cows?”

Now, Àmòtékùn has become an issue, Bola Ahmed Tinubu Tinubu is nowhere to be found again. The self-acclaimed “Asíwájú” has become an absentee one. At every turn when he is expected to stand up for the Yorùbá people, the Yorùbá Nation, the Yorùbá sons and daughters, Tinubu has always been found wanting.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu at every turn, at every opportunity, at every chance he gets or he has gotten, he has had no qualms, he has had no problems, throwing under the bus, the Yorùbá Nation to please his Fulani masters. To Tinubu, it does not matter how many Yorùbá sons and daughters are murdered or maimed. It doesn’t matter to him how much of the Oòduà land is appropriated by the Fulani aggressors and neo-colonialists.

To Bola Ahmed Tinubu, anything, everyone and everything is expendable. It does not matter how much gnashing of teeth is going on the streets of the Yorùbá Nation. It does not matter to him how much tears is being shed by the Yorùbá sons and daughters. It does not matter to him, how much suffering, agony and misery is inflicted on every corner and cranny of Yorùbá Nation, on Oòduà land by his Fulani masters, as long as he is protected and his ambition is on course, he is perfectly alright.

The question now remains, how many sons and daughters of Oòduà have to lose their lives for Tinubu’s ambition to be realised? How much more blood have to flow for his Fulani masters to be happy to be able to guarantee him the Presidency, if ever they would? How many more have to die needless deaths? How much more land do we have to give up? How many more have to be kidnapped and killed? How much more of have to be maimed and deprived? Obviously, “Tí ikú ilé ò bá pa ni, t’òde ò lè pa ni.”

Bola Ahmed Tinubu has to understand that it was never enough to get himself the title of “Asíwájú.” (thank God, it was the “Asíwájú of Eko Island” and not the “Asíwájú of the Yorùbá Nation” as many of his paid sentries have always wanted to portray him). Was the purpose of his title to lead whoever follows him to the Golgotha to be slaughtered? Was that the purpose and or the objective?

The creation, launching and the continued subsistence of Àmòtékùn Project is an act of Providence. It is an act of Providence incubated by Nature to identify the true enemies of the Yorùbá Nation. The role of Nature here is the affirmation of its very first Law – self-preservation. In this trajectory, the ever conscious TIME has vindicated the characterization of Tinubu’s politics as mercantilist and not beneficial to and or in the interest of the Yorùbá Nation.

Thus if you did not hear anything from Bola Ahmed Tinubu on this matter of Àmòtékùn, you now know why. But never the less, we must still ask this question:- ÀMÒTÉKÙN: Where is Bola Ahmed Tinubu?

“In the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its hour of maximum danger. I do not shrink from this responsibility – I welcome it.
-John F. Kennedy, January 20, 1960

*©️Remi Oyeyemi*

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  • Is Tinubu one of the Governors? Why must Tinubu contribute to every discuss in this land? Won't he be held responsible and accountable for what does not really concern him?
    Tinubu, Tinubu, Tinubu saa. Kilode?
    Abiola's name was called to every manner of economic and political issues in the 80s and 90s. You guys did not allow MKO to witness the 20s.
    Razak Akanni Okoya would have been jumping for joy if MKO were to be alive to celebrate his 80th birthday with him.
    Please leave Tinubu out of this legal discussion, he is an Accountant. Allow the Falanas, the Ozhekhomes, Sofoworas, etc to answer Malami in their own legal jargon. Tinubu is not one of the "Learned Gentlemen"
    Please leave him alone!

  • The write up has no substance. Is Tinubu the Asiwaju of Yorubaland? He was ade the Asiwaju of Lagos and the so called Yoruba elders refused to recognise his leadership capabilities till date due to the way they romance with other political parties for their selfish interests. No problem with that sha. Tinubu is not one of the governors, AMOTEKUN is an initiative of the governors, why searching for Tinubu at the event when he's not a governor?

  • Can anyone tell me who the tax collector is for all the Southwest APC states? Do you know who appoints Commissioners for Finance in all Southwest APC states?

  • Any serious Nigerian should not waste his time talking about this useless security out fit. When has it become so easy for states to secure us better than Nigeria police force? Can they pay those things salaries? Which bill establishes that thug associates? States battling to pay workers are talking of paying security out fit. This is just to creat another boko haram . Is a useless plan and offcourse whether FG declears it illegal or not, it will die natural death before end of the year.

  • I don't know why some people can't read between the line.who is sanwolu,fayemi,gboyega oyetola, et c.they are BAT.what are u expecting from tinubu again

  • Senseless write-up. So the initiative of the governors are not from Asiwaju!

    You can't pull Asiwaju down.He is above your father. He is not a rabble rouser.

    • I don't pray tinubu is behind this because if he is, it is for his mischievous interest. Don't crucify me yet, I guess you eat from his crumbs, but that shouldn't take away your thinking faculty.

      Judging from the precedence, he had portrayed himself to be a selfish glutton who only throw bread crumbs to those around him (that have lost their sense of reasoning) to rally round him.

      All his agenda through his proteges across various Yoruba states have demonstrated well enough what that devilish man has for Yoruba nation.

      Posterity will judge them all.

      How do you support a man that Rob millions to put smile to the face of hundreds of people.

      This man is constantly draining the Yoruba states of their wealth through his proteges.

      Why would you give money to unscrupulously finance someone's political ambition and take it out on the masses through the imposed huge commission that is destabilizing state's economy you take out of them once in power and still claim to love and be a leader to Yoruba nation?

      God shall judge you all. Once again, criticize me well because I don't expect you to fathom my point. Only people with reasoning can understand, and you can't give what you don't have.

  • The man wants Buhari to hand over to him in 2023. So as wise man he should not oppose or criticise his govt. If he gets what he wants then you will see whether he loves his people or not. Can't you see what Buhari is doing for his people: he has built an empire by placing his people in important positions. Ruga is also here to stay.

    So Jabagan is wise. He is not happy with what is going on. Let others talk. Give him a break.

    By God's grace his people won't go extinct by the time he takes the mantle.

  • Remi, the man is now the ''Asiwaju'' of Sokotoland and may be loitering somewhere in Sokoto, waiting to collect the authorisation for his phantom ''ruga-presidency'' in 2023. Now, those who were doubting know his true colours when it comes to the constitutional sovereignty of the Yoruba nation. How could the ambition to become anything make someone give up their own people into internal political slavery? The same mistake that blew away brilliant and formidable SLA 54 years ago! Sad...!

    • PMB - President from North
      BH - Enemy from North
      SH’s - Mostly from North

      The fact that the threat to the country are mostly from North and the president also from North vis a vis most of the appointed “SECURITY HEADS” are mostly from North with the escalating threat to life is the reason for regions wanting to take control of their security.

      PMB created all this as he regionalized the security of Nigeria

  • Am not against the existence of Amotekun but am of the view every state in Nigeria should have theirs and I pray we don't form what will destroy us as individuals or as a nation. Because I see these tools becoming tribal or being used to maltreat other tribes overtime, so if southwest think they need it, other regions too should form theirs. Nigeria is not ripe for all this. The funds can be used for other projects and I guess it's simply because the southwest has more funds than other regions. I hold my peace as I watch the effects of this decision.

    • It is quite unfortunate how the country has gotten to this junction. The FG led by PMB really created this mess. If he had been a Nigerian first in his appointment of the heads of the country security unit and not regionalized it, am sure even in the face of security threat we would all have united to support the security unit but in a case where where the heads are from PMB regions and the bandits are also alleged to be from PMB region hence the chaos.

    • I don't think it is possible for any state governor to use the security apparatus to unleash terror against anyone in the future. Security of lives and properties is key to us in SW.

  • One doesn’t need much effort to know who your sponsors and benefactors are. Awon akotileta omo. So BAT has to be shouting from the housetops of foolishness to be heard in Yorubaland. Right? No strategy, jus shouting? Ode Ido ati awon didirin ara re. Paint him with any paint and brush you have, Tinubu stands shoulder and above a thousand of your wrong headed traducers.

    • You are a bastard as well as your perceived boss.(thiefnubu) You lack integrity. Your ends will come soon. Asaleje otosi. Omo ilu wo nie?

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