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Amotekun: The best way of responding to Malami

The vehicles and some of the operatives of Special security outfit in Western Nigeria

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

The governors of South West had recently established Amotekun, a regional security organization to protect the people of the region. Mr. Malami, the attorney General of the federation has declared this formation to be illegal.

The leaders of SW, SE and NC have cried out against the proclamation by AGF as not correct and Mr. Falana, a well known civil rights leader and a respected attorney has said the AGF is wrong. Merely saying that the AGF is wrong is a timid response to AGF and the federal government that he represents.

No matter what the Supreme Court declares as the constitutional requirements, the first law of nature is self-preservation. Anybody, who fails to protect himself from any enemy has himself to blame. Any government that is incapable of protecting its citizens has lost the authority of the people. And lost the reason for its existence.

The leaders of SE, SS and NC should go beyond verbal challenge of AGF’s opinion (it is only an opinion). They should move on to form their own versions of Amotekun. They should also sign a cooperative agreement whereby an attack on one Amotekun is an attack on all the others.

The reign of President Muhammadu Buhari has been nothing than a reign of terror. It has showered a situation in the places around and below the confluence of Niger and Benue where neither life nor property is safe. Ordinary citizens, in pursuit of their legal businesses are kidnapped and killed; their property, like farm lands, have been taken over and if they dare resist, their lives go with the property. These criminal activities are blamed on Fulani Herdsmen, yet nobody is in the police custody, nobody has been tried. The laws and the law enforcement apparatus are incapable of protecting innocent citizens from the attacks by enemies within and without.

We the people have absolute right to protect ourselves and in situations where one cannot do so by himself, one should form alliances to help. That is what Amotekun is intended to do.

Man is not made for law; but laws are made for man.

What should the federal government do?

1. The FG should listen to the voice of the people (onuorah) and hear the fears that are driving the formation of Amotekun.
2. The FG should come to the negotiation table in good faith and negotiate with the zonal leaders to amend the laws and allow for the regional protection forces and establish the modus operandi by the forces.
3. The regional leaders must show that they could control the forces they have created so that they don’t become another kind of armed marauders. In USA each municipality has its police force which calls on neighboring police for help in difficult situations. This round robin calls go all the way to the state and FG police until the emergency is resolved and eventually to the armed forces of the US if the enemy is from without.

The emergence of Amotekun is not good for Nigeria, but it is an opportunity which if seized would make Nigeria better and safer.

If President Muhammadu Buhari is indeed interested in the future of Nigeria he should seize this opportunity or he will be forever remembered as the architect of Nigeria’s collapse.

*Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba writes from Boston, Massachusetts, United States

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  • Malami is a notorious human being, he ill-advises the president who did not even have the wit to manage the country as a whole. Malami and his principal are poor in human rights, safety of life and property, hence, they don't have business in government. It is unfortunate that the two advance riffraff are governing the nation.

  • "The emergence of Amotekun is not good for Nigeria"--are you kidding me?
    Opposition to Amotekun has come largely from non-Yoruba, even as some other non-Yoruba leaders have supported the initiative.
    The Yoruba remain the ONLY People who can determine what is good for them.
    So, sir, chill, as Kongi Advised.

  • What do u expect malami to say?
    It's quite unfortunate that Fear had over ruled the heart of those who called themselves to know the details of our constitutions, just because of money and position. The comments of malami,reminded me of Obasanjo,who opposed so many important projects , which ought to have moved our Nation forward,such as: Creation of State LCDA in Lagos State and PPP on Power and Energy,initiated by the then Lagos State Governor,Bola Ahmed Tinubu. we should applaud these courageous steps, taken by all these Western States Governors, to guide and protect their citizens against any fear within and without their territory. May God Bless Nigeria ❤️

    • Please don’t drag Obasonjo’s name into issue like this, what Happened during Tinubu and Obasanjo regime and what is happening now are two different ball game,
      I want to ask a question= why does my brothers and sisters in Southwest take pleasure to crucify a hero while he is still alive? and whenever the hero dies is only when they will realize how important the person was and turn around to celebrate the same person, you people did this to Fela while he was still alive now he is a national hero,
      Why can’t you people Carry out deep and personal research first before crucifying someone?, this same Obasanjo put his life on the line to fight for the country’s unity,
      I can tell you five major roads that was dualize in south west during Obasanjo’s regime, I use to operate a transportation company business in that region back then before he came into power, the telecommunication he put in place contributed to eighty percent boom in the country’s business and economic development. Not to talk of paying off Nigerian debt with oil price which was significantly low then compare to what it is today.
      He united the whole country together with his liberal policies.

      The only greatest Mistake Obasanjo made was to rule the second time, if he had just ruled for only the first four years, then put all necessary measures in place for his successor to pay off the debt in 2006 he would have be in the same league with The Great Nelson Mandela, but 99:99 of African leaders are full of power drunk, the only exemption been Mandela because he was not obligated to leave during the time he stepped down.
      The second term mission was what brought the hefty payment for senatorial and House of Representatives melee we are experiencing today,
      Yet different administrations have come and gone yet none was able to address this rather they have plunged the country into serious financial woes that will take decades to heal,
      Take a case of the last and present administration, the present administration particularly has brought an untold hardship to the life of helpless citizens with their anti people policies, under the disguise that they want Nigerian to patronize made in Nigeria Agricultural products and goods, yet their children both that of the current ruler is studying abroad, they travel abroad regularly for medical treatment and check ups, recently they doesn’t disclose that their oversea ( UK trips) are for Medical checkups, while hundreds are dying back home in Nigeria on daily basis because of poor medical cares, people dies not because of the doctors incompetent but rather because there is no effective diagonalize equipment for the doctors to work with, and when the same Nigerian Doctor leave the shore of that country and come to practice here in America he or she becomes a monumental success.

      Finally I support the southwest elders and Governors for lunching Operation AMOTEKUN to curb out the menace of criminal activities going on in that region, Southwest will always be my home, though I am not originally from there but I have lived majority of my life there before venturing to foreign land and whenever I visited the country that is where I call home. At last I can travel back home and walk freely and visit some ancient cultural heritage there without the fear of been kidnapped, Southwest have lots of cultural site that can generate millions in foreign currency annually from Tourists, but no foreigner want to put his/her life on the line to visit unsafe area in the name of traveling for Tourist attraction, this the major reason I am glad for this action taken by the governors and elders of that region, I really commend them.

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