Hisbah is OK but Amotekun is illegal! – FFK reacts

Femi Fani-Kayode has reacted to the decision by the Federal government to declare Amotekun, the security outfit set up by southwest governors, an illegal organization.

In an earlier released statement, the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami, said that Amotekun is not backed by any law in the country. He insisted that the Federal Government is solely responsible for the security of citizens of Nigeria.

Reacting to this decision, FFK in a post shared on his Facebook page this morning, wondered why the Hisbah Police in the North West and Civilian Joint Task Force in the North East can be seen as legal but Amotekun which is to protect indigenes of the South West is illegal.

He wrote; ”Hisbah Police in North West is ok. Civilian Joint Task Force in North West is ok. Civilian Joint Task Force in the North East is ok. Meanwhile, IPOB in South East are terrorists and Amotekun in South West is illegal! One day Nigerians will get tired of this bullshit, get sense and free themselves from this insufferable bondage.

“The bitter truth is that what the Federal Government has done by claiming that Amotekun is illegal is to strengthen the hand and harden the resolve of the more radical and forceful elements and the more extreme nationalist forces in the South West who have always challenged the erroneous notion, flawed logic and questionable assumption that the unity of Nigeria is not only settled but also sacrosanct.

If you say that we cannot defend ourselves and our people from tribal and religious bigots, ethnic cleansers, genocidal maniacs, barbarous savages, bloodthirsty jihadists, blood-lusting terrorists, racial supremacists, and cold-blooded mass murderers simply because we are southerners then to hell with your Nigerian unity”.

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  • If there's any reason why the West should support the Easterners on having a separate entity and country, I think it should be now. Follow the story from when the Whites handed over the realm of affairs to the Northerners to rule, peace has eluded the country. The North sees other part of the country as its conquered territories, reason why bigot and ethnic jihadist in person of Buhari and his co bloodthirsty Fulani demons will continue their bloodlust to fulfill their thirsty. Even the constitution is clear, the security of the country is sacrosanct reason why security votes are being paid to the governors to secure their states. Imagine, one mumu coming out to say it is illegal for the people to secure themselves but legal for their fellow bloodthirsty demons to enter their lands at will and pluck them into deaths is something terrible to hear. Even a new born baby will advise that it is hightime West and the East leave the entity called Nigeria to this blood infested demons. I hope the military are watching. We are tired and not all of us are ready to die. May God save us.

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  • Honestly, I am yet to understand the mindset of the Federal Government. Nobody wants a divided country. You stand up to condemn Nnamdi Kanu, but what is going on? The precedent is set already. Just don't worry about the vote, our courts will declare you winner anyway. A man was forced declare somebody a winner, and the court declared him a winner. What a shame.
    Is it not on record that the Fedral Government has enshrined impunity? Why must you talk about actions that are clear indication for the good of the people. I don't understand you ooo. It could be that Ipob is right. You cannot rule ooo You want to lead this country into serious war. Look at your supreme court, What is this nonsense she is doing in Imo state. How is it that you choose to take us for a ride. What a shame. Your time is seriously running out.

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  • Jasper Njoku
    The Supreme Court sack your brother again, Ex. Governor Ihedioha, Jasper your brother Peter Obi still on the wound of the Supreme Court, now Ihedioha join again, na wah o!, all this are pain in your ass bro! make sure you don't develop high blood pressure, anyway you can, they have the medication here in the US, so if you have it, you have nothing to worry about it, here in the US they will take care of it,

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  • God bless FFK all yr long! I got to understand the true name of the west language through this guy, and I am very pleased to hear that he has wade into this issue of Amotekun and hisbah in the north but how can the government be so one sided,? what is their aim? pls can every Nigerian ask what’s wrong with hisbah or Amotekun when the government has shown no capacity to deal with crime in the country

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  • I think there is a mistake somewhere.
    Are there different laws for different people in the same country?
    what is good for the goose I believe should be good for the gander. Why did the Attorney General sleep since all these days when the Hisbah and other local forces were formed and had been operating? why is it now that a similar one formed in the Southern part of the country it has suddenly become illegal?
    let us be careful in our reactions.

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  • The more you think you've seen the worst of Buhari's prejudices, bias, partiality, injustices and lopsidedness the more he keeps coming with a salvo and insults upon a people.

    Under Buhari's government. The Northern states are free to form security outfits but southern states cannot.

    What an insular ruler. What an ethnic leaning president.

    Surely, this President will go down in history as the worst to ever rule Nigeria.

    What a divisive, tyrannical sadist. What a failed government. What a political pestilence.

    What a situation. I take a stroll. Nonsense.

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