Lami Phillips & hubby

Singer and songwriter Lami Phillips pens story on how she met and married her husband 15 years ago.

Lami says she prayed to God for what she wanted in a life partner and knew when she met her hubby that he was the one.

Read her post.

Long Caption Alert) Blessed to have met my life partner as a teenager & known immediately that he was the one. It doesn’t feel like 15yrs.. just feels like we’ve been “living” as friends for most of our lives. True story: when I was 12/13 my mum made me listen is some preacher “Pastor Yungi Cho “( not sure of the spelling ) and all I got was “when you ask God for something be specific”. I then read about purpose and destiny and prayed “specifically “ 10 things I needed in a life partner. Because I’d prayed and was clear.. I kid you not.. the minute I met him.. I knew he was the one. (The story is longer but this is IG, not super story) #15years #Grace #Marriage #Friendship #NoNeedForJARA

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