The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has made clarified its ban on the use of Google Maps while driving.

The FRSC Corps Marshal Boboye Oyeyemi, speaking at a news conference in Abuja said road users can only use Google Maps with the aid of car-holding phone devices.

The commission had earlier banned the use of google maps on smartphones while driving, threatening arrest and prosecution. However, the Marshal reinstated his statement but with a condition on how the application is to be used.

According to him, those nabbed making use of Google map without the aid of car-holding phone devices will be arrested and prosecuted.

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He said; “The use of google maps while driving is allowed, but hand-held driving and usage are offences associated with driving and anyone caught would face the law squarely. If you must use Google map while driving, you must get the car-holding phone devices which is both for your safety and for better usage of the device and the application.”