Aisha Buhari, the Buhari clan and Buhari. Photo Credit: Aisha Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari marked his 77th birthday today. His aides and family members made the day colorful at Aso Rock, Nigeria’s Seat of power.

In an  interview  he once granted our media organisation, the President narrated what attracted him to the military where he rose through the ranks to become a Major General. He was, as a military top brass a Divisional Commander, State Governor and military head of state before he retired. He contested election to become Nigerian President.

On why he joined the military, he explained: 

“Because when I was in secondary school, I was in the school cadet and we used to be visited by a reconnaissance unit.  General Hassan I think who was a captain, was in charge. We used to go  out with them and I was impressed with the discipline  in the military.”

He added: “You’ll find out that most of the objectives set out by the military then were always achieved. There was a proper system then of selection of cadets. The facilities were good, the instructors were good. Very importantly, people were allowed to work. Unlike what is presently going on now, there was merit. The system of examination from lieutenant up to major before you become Lt. Col. were based on merit. So if you don’t perform after three exams  you go. You see that is why I like the military, because of its orderliness and discipline.”