Trump’s future in-laws the Boulos from Nigeria at White House Xmas Party

Michael Boulos and Tiffany Trump at the White House recently
Michael Boulos and Tiffany Trump at the White House recently

Michael Boulos took his relationship with Donald Trump’s daughter Tiffany to the next level on Sunday when he brought his parents to the White House Christmas party.

The 22-year-old heir to the Nigerian conglomerate Boulos Enterprises took to his Instagram Story on Monday evening to share a video of President Donald Trump addressing the crowd at the holiday soirée.

Michael, who is studying at City University in London for MSc in Project Management Finance and Risk, has met Tiffany’s father and mom, Marla Maples several times over the course of their relationship.

On Monday night, he posted a sweet photo of his parents Massad and Sarah Boulos posing in front of a Christmas tree at the White House.

Future Trump’s in-laws?: Micheal Boulos parents from Nigeria, Massad and Sarah Boulos pose by a White House Christmas tree
Michael Boulos and Tiffany Trump, middle, with friends at the home of Kuwaiti ambassador to US on 5 December

The parents are resident in Lagos. Massad Boulos runs Boulos Enterprises and SCOA Nigeria, and “trades in vehicles, equipment, retail and construction.”

His mother, Sarah Boulos, runs the Society for the Performing Arts in Nigeria, SPAN, which is a “one-stop destination for performance art, dance, theatre, music and visual arts.” In an interview, Sarah, with a French mum, declares Nigeria her home.

Michael Boulos was born in Texas and raised in Nigeria. He is a naturalised Nigerian. He was educated in Nigeria, before moving to England to study finance at the City University of London.

Neither he nor Tiffany, 26, shared photos of themselves together at the Christmas Party, but she was at the event wearing a festive red dress.

The Georgetown Law student posed for a picture with first lady Melania Trump’s makeup artist, Nicole Bryl, who shared the snapshot on her Instagram Story.

In the photo, Tiffany is wearing a sleeveless red dress featuring a bow at the collar. Her long blonde hair is styled in loose waves around her shoulders, and she is sporting dark eyeliner and rosy pink lip gloss.

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