Sowore: Rein in your wild dogs, Soyinka blasts Buhari

Buhari and Soyinka

Buhari and Soyinka

Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka has blasted President Muhammadu Buhari over the re-arrest of the Convener, #RevolutionNow Protest, Omoyele Sowore and Olawale Bakare at the Federal High Court, Abuja on Friday by the Department of State Services, DSS.

Soyinka said it had become imperative and urgent to send message to “President-General Buhari: Rein in your wild dogs of disobedience. And for a start, get a trainer to teach them some basic court manners!”

Soyinka, in a statement on Friday likened the scene leading to the arrest of Sowore and Bakare in the court premises to that of an African Wild Dog.

According to Soyinka, he was amazed by the level of disobedience to court’s order by the present government of Buhari.

“A few years ago, I watched the video of a pack of the famed African wild dogs hunt, eventually bring down, and proceed to devour a quarry. It was an impala, antelope family. The pack isolated the most vulnerable looking member of the herd – it was pregnant – pursued it, until it fled to a waterhole which, for such animals, is the nearest thing to a sanctuary.

“A few minutes ago, almost as it was happening, I watched the video of a pack of the DSS, bring down, and fight over their unarmed, totally defenceless quarry within the sanctuary of a court of law. I found little or no difference between the two scenarios, except that the former, the wild dogs, exhibited more civilized table manners than the DSS in court manners,” he said.

The Nobel Laureate said only yesterday, in his commentary on the ongoing Sowore saga, he pointed out the near perfect similarity between plain crude thuggery and the current rage of court disobedience, saying that little did he suspected that “the state children of disobedience would aspire to the level of the African wild dogs on a pack hunt.

“I apologize for underestimating the DSS capacity for the unthinkable. I reiterate the nation’s concern, indeed alarm, about the escalating degradation of the judiciary through multiple means, of which disobedience of court orders is fast becoming the norm.

“May I remind this government that disobedience calls to disobedience, and that disobedience of the orders of the constitutional repository of the moral authority of arbitration – the judiciary – can only lead eventually to a people’s disregard of the authority of other arms of civil society, a state of desperation that is known, recognized and accepted as – civil disobedience.

“It is so obvious – state disobedience leads eventually to civil disobedience, piecemeal or through a collective withdrawal of recognition of other structures of authority. That way leads to chaos but – who set it in motion? As is often the case, the state, unquestionably. Such a state bears full responsibility for the ensuing social condition known as anomie.”

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  • You all please read what Sowore lawyer said that he was arrested outside the court. People just jumped into conclusion without knowing the fact.

  • Something starts somewhere. Fire starts slowly but turns into a blaze later. We know the beginning. The end is unpredictable, for good or for bad, the victim or the perpetrator. Softly does it. Make haste slowly. The lawless today may be the victim tomorrow. World without end. Go man go! One day will be one one day.....!
    War and Peace, What else is new.

  • Prof. Wole Soyinka has done nothing for the country, he's one of Ex President Jonathan critics, throughout the reign of former President Obasanjo, he said, Obasanjo was given crude oil to his girl friends, now President Buhari, and he Professor Soyinka sit at the corner of his house throwing self made dictionary English to disturb those that are ready to repair the country, President Buhari has done well for Nigeria Nation, we are just been ungrateful, Sowore party was registered, he wants to be president by force, 82 millions Nigeria voters in the just concluded election in the whole 36 states he's party got 30,000 votes, what does that tells you, he should be allowed dance to the music on the drum he set,
    Prof. Wole Soyinka is not the only professor we have in that country, lots of professors, Vice President Oshinbajo is a professor in LAW, not literature, Prof. Wole Soyinka has done nothing for the country,
    President Buhari he's very transparent, In any country when you make laws you enforced it, that's happening here now in America, President Trump can't escape the impeachment inquiry, America will make him face the music, that's law, Nobody is above the Law, Sowore must face the law, He left America to contest an election in Nigeria, he lost the election and he wants to force the government in power to vacate for him, he's been in the US for years does it happen here, because he knows Nigeria don't enforce laws, the day we start knowing the truth we will all stand to enjoy that country, PMB has laid down he's life to help the country let's use him.
    Atiku said AM I NOT ENTITLE TO ENRICH MY FRIENDS, that is the person you want in power, O MA SE O!

  • When starving women sneaking across the border to bring in cups of rice in their breasts and headties cannot gain the sympathy of the ruling class,i gave up on this charade masquerading as democracy.
    Let the people eat rice. This is the least you can do for the masses. The people have suffered enough. I remember the President threatening to soak Nigerians in blood if he was not elected and now wants to kill Nigerians if they speak against him. What a country?

  • I may be wrong, I feel these northerners want war in order to bring in Military rule before handing over to them (the Fulanis to be precise). We have to choose our steps carefully as TIME REVEALS EVERYTHING..

  • @MrJames the MUMU the time is already here when people like you and many others, that eat and benefit from oppressive regime will come to an end. The UN are having a secret meeting concerning the abuse of power and intimidation of masses by this General Buhari, an agent of Colonial Master. Either any of you like it or not, change will come with you witnessing it or without you bad guys that represent darkness and uncivilised character in Nigeria. When change comes it will hit you like a magic. China transformed their country in a stylish way, they kill corrupt officials without looking back and the country is still fighting corruption till tomorrow. Nigeria will hear it when the music starts playing. The military won't be able to stop 10 millions civilians when the time comes, the DSS won't be able to arrest 10 million active masses when the time comes. By the time they realise what has befallen Nigeria, international security agents are already operating with the assistance of UN peace keeper. Those who sleep walk tell them to keep sleeping, while the other side of the World are debating about new things and New strategies. Nigeria will be free once and for all. And weak minded people like you that are involved in the process of working against the masses will be forgotten and shall be remembered no more.

  • Nigeria is a zoo and PMB is a maggot! His capricious nature has turned our democracy into mockery. What a man. What a tyranny leader. What nonsense.

  • Buhari has finished Nigeria.

    He destroyed the economy, he destroyed the judiciary. He destroyed the legislative arm of government. He destroyed the security agencies. He destroyed Nigeria's unity. He destroyed the electoral processes. He has effectively destroyed all the elements and basics.

    He has destroyed freedom of speech and liberty.

    Let's not forget that this Buhari that is hounding and pounding Sowore for calling for revolution also called for revolution under Obasanjo's government and was never arrested.

    With Buhari in power, Nigeria has come to a dead end.

    What a Gustavo. What a failed government. What a a huge mistake. What a situation. I take a stroll. Nonsense.

    • Buhari did not destroyed the economy. Was Buhari the one that sold Nigeria companies. Think well before you talk.