Sowore: Buhari, the whole world is watching you – Oby Ezekwesili

Oby Ezekwesili – President Buhari

Former Minister of Education, Oby Ezekwesili, has condemned the re-arrest of Omoyele Sowore, convener of the RevolutionNow Movement.

DSS operatives had, on Friday, chased out lawyers from the courtroom and attacked journalists after which they re-arrested Sowore.

Following the invasion of the courtroom, the trial judge, Justice Ijeoma Ojukwu adjourned the matter till February 11, 12 and 13 for definite hearing.

This is coming less than a day after Sowore was released by the DSS after an Abuja Federal High Court ordered for his release within 24 hours.

Reacting on Twitter, Ezekwesilli wrote, “President @MBuhari, the whole world is watching the video of officials of the State Security Service which you directly supervise, brutally violate the constitutional rights of a citizen @YeleSowore inside a court and desecrated our Judiciary- an independent arm of government.

“I urge my fellow citizens who are reasonable enough to know that today’s episode amounts to full aggression against the Judiciary by the Executive arm of @MBuhari and portends an extremely dangerous development. We must all stand to defend our hard-won Democracy. We must.

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  • Oby should for God sake shut-up and rest when Sowore was about to engage in this harakri why didn't they warn him there are consequences for his action. He knew he had dual citizenship and will run away after causing the katakata. So spare us this rubbish about the world watching no country allows irresponsible fellow to throw their country into chaos especially when that fellow has an alternative after causing the problem.

  • Many Nigerians are not ashamed. Ezekwesili was the Federal Minister of Education and she did nothing to increase or better the Education system. She is coming out to talk about the president who is doing his best.

  • It is totally not acceptable, with the way things are going in this country, sowore has done nothing wrong, Nigeria is in a mess and am sorry this generation can not see that, Nigeria government and the whole lawmakers and security agents are the most corrupt people in the country, what do you expect the common man to do, we can't fight tyrant's but them will hear from us. Dela ones said it, man they suffer

  • Nigeria government should be ashamed of themselves & so called democracy practiced. Instead of talking about climate change , creating job's , building good schools & hospitals, fixing our road they are arresting somebody whose is standing up for the truth

  • This woman should shut the fu.... u!! She has the right to her opinion but her opinion must be sensible. What kind of #RevolutionNow was thug Sowore demanding? i say,Buhari/Osinbajo did not start corruption in Nigeria,corrup-- tion been in Nigeria since independence,it was there before Buhari/Osinbajo came. Sowore and his likes are cheap,they are trying to take advantage of the situation in Nigeria,years of neglect of Nigeria by governments that were there before Buhari/Osinbajo. What is Sowore afraid of? He says his a freedom fighter so why is he afraid of jail? i tell him this ,Freedom fighters all over the world are not scared to be locked up,people like the Late Awolowo Mandela of south Africa, Fela Anikulapo of Nigeria to mention but a few. Buhari/Osinbajo are God sent through them positives things are happening in Nigeria. Just yesterday a sitting senator, Ex -- gov was sentenced to jail,i mean a man that's in the same ruling party with Buhari/Osinbajo,that's never happened in Nigeria Before.This government should be supported by positive thinking Nigerians. Nigerians have suffered enough,it is time to join hands with the present Government to move Nigeria Forward. The #RevolutionNow Nigerians should be fighting now is war against corruption; war against people like Obasanjo who didn't have up to six thousand naira in 1999 in his savings or checking accounts before he became the head of government but now he's a billionaire. The #RevolutionNow Nigerians should be fighting are people,ministers,governors who are milking,stealing from Nigeria's treasury dry. The #RevolutionNow Sowore and his likes are up to no good because he contested an election he didn't win and then two weeks after hes demanding for #RevolutionNow,it's the height of Nonsense, absurd and mischievous.

    • Shina O Sattler-Oyemade ....You have a very loud mouth that you can even bite or swallow yourself before you know. Dont you think? Dont you analyze or read a little? How old are you that you don't even know that Buhari was formally a Head of State in Nigeria? Please close your septic tank call mouth..because I can smell it even sitting in front of computer.

  • As usual, some people will not catch the sad meaning of what happened. Someone already on bail was roughened and arrested right inside the court and some people are still rationalising the actions of a gestapo executive.
    That was a sad day for a democracy fought for with the blood of some patriots.

    • Let's be reasonable, the guy in question is not patriotic and he needs to be roasted and be made a scape goat! Can you ask JAMB to cancel an exam result because you failed the test? Sowore has USA's green card and calling for revolution in Nigeria , so if a war breaks out, he will run away and leave ordinary Nigerians to suffer. He is a clown and a disgrace to Nigeria. No responsible government will allow certain priviledge idiots to plunge the entire nation into crisis. Buhari is indeed a patriot!

  • As usual, some idiots will not catch the importance of re-arresting someone already on bail, right inside the court.

  • The scarecrow of a woman. When Obasanjo disobeyed the supreme court of Nigeria by refusing to pay Lagos state LG funds, what was your message to Obasanjo? Nonsense!