Orji Uzor Kalu sentenced to 12 years jail over N7.56bn fraud

Senator Orji Uzor Kalu

By Akin Kuponiyi

Former Governor of Abia State, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu was on Thursday found guilty of N7.56 billion fraud by a Federal High Court sitting in Lagos, and sentenced to 12 years imprisonment by the presiding Judge, Justice Mohammed Idris.

Kalu’s company, Slok Nigeria Limited, he used to defraud Abia State was forfeited to the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Also, his aide, Jones Ude who was the Director Of Finance in the Abia State House was sentenced to a five-year jail term.

The presiding Judge, Idris described money laundering offence as a crime against humanity.

Details later…

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  • Fellow Nigerians, the summary of the matter: Let us live in sincere worship of the most High God. Winninfraud Oyo-Ita the former Head of Service turned Stealing's (HOS) moral turpitude and financial fraud had just been exposed, as she was ignominiously sent packing from that exalted office for ever. I hope PMB's administration has not swept her matter under the carpet. The suffering public keeps watching and waiting. Then Peace Allen Onyeama of Air Peace seemingly appeared in the horizon as a beacon of hope. This celebration was short lived as his sins appears to have suddenly truncated that hope, even from far away land. Steven Osagiede Orosanye is still wriggling with the burden of fraud in the courts where witnesses are giving proofs of his heist as a chief converter, who conceals using fronts and third parties. Those called to serve the public chose to serve themselves! Former Governors who looted mercilessly are being asked to return the most undeserved severance rewards they fraudulently awarded themselves after bankrupting their states.
    Since his Maiduguri (UNIMAID) days, Uncle Orji Uzor Kalu has a long history trailing him before this infamy, from the era of the controversial March 1986 Public donation to Borno State. Change Kalu change, rather he proved smart for the law and man till his criminality, nay iniquity was firmly established and exposed for all to see. In Nigeria, we destroy the functional public institutions to establish private concerns. The CEO of our hospitals turned the vibrant world class hospitals to mere shells to establish private clinics where they milk the public dry. The heads of schools willingly kill their schools to establish private schools where they do not only make education prohibitively costly but of weakened standards and quality. The MDS of National Airlines suddenly emerge as CEOs of Private Airlines when they resign or retire as full fledged civil servants (with active divided interest and economic sabotage!). In short, we ruined the state for our private interest. Who does not know that the total savings and emoluments of these individuals cannot sustain nor genuinely establish any of these private concerns? Orji Uzor Kalu our brother bestrode the Nigerian firmament as a collosus, albeit one with feet of clay, till God, man and the long arms of the law eventually caught up with him. Who will imagine Orji Uzor Kalu struggling not to be handcuffed? Who will imagine Orji Uzor Kalu exchanging the comfort of his home for a cell in the Prison and that for 12 years?
    May I urge the government to pay particular attention to the ongoing Amnesty Programs going by the revelation from MEND as it relates to Peace Allen Onyeama, as the beneficiaries the designated end users are being actively exploited across the nation. Time will reveal this ultimately to government just as the Dasuki gate scandal did.
    To Orji Uzor Kalu and his ilks, this has nothing to do with the politics of 2023. Its all about inherent character defect and toxicity which calls for urgent state reformation and intervention. The public had watched helplessly asking who will deliver you from yourself, who will bell the cat? This eventually seems to be achieved with this judgment if it will not be sabotaged or aborted through the courts by way of compromised appeals, political party pressure or plea bargaining. I'm sure for once, Orji, your courage and smartness failed you Sir.
    Please greet Uncles Jolly Nyame and Joshua Chibi Dariye. True freedom and liberty is sweet upon a platform of integrity and consistency. Orji Uzor Kalu, haba!

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  • No peace for the wicked. That Governor after Kalu now a senator should be asked to account for his stewardship as chief of staff under Kalu and as a Governor who won an election while in detention.

    All the former Governors who receive Salary as Senator or Minister and still collect gratuity from the state they were former Governor should be tried as.criminals.

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  • President Mohammadu Buhari can jail any members of his family if found guilt of corruption, Femi Fani Kayode be ready, you are next, ole will have no hidden place, Femi Fani Kayode, Ayodele Fayose and Bukola Saraki, you should all be ready, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and Atiku Abubakar if they can't explain the $16 billion, PMB no hidden place for OLE AND BARAWO, Electoral Law caught up with Atiku and Peter Obi given false information about server that does not exist is corruption, they saw a stolen mandate where?, they should go to jail for there lies, PRESIDENT BUHARI is a man of his words, remember this Orji Kalu is APC Senator, { Baba ekun meran } Baba go slow, more are coming Nigerian relax. We would soon locate the looters,

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    • This is a well deserved judgement. Very good for the people of Abia state, Nigeria and our democracy. Anybody that knows Abia state very well will agree with me that Orji Uzor Kalu looted the treasury of the state because we saw no meaningful developement or project during his 8 years in office.

      From most of the comments made by the people on this judgment, I observed that all praises go president Buhari. I sincerely join them in giving Kudos go him since he also has the power to influence the judiciary.

      I am so happy that justice prevailed at last. I had already counted Kalu among those whose sins were forgiven just because they defected to APC.

      I have been proved wrong by our president. This judgment has shown that nobody's sin has been forgiven.

      This made me to agree with a statement made by someone who said " President Mohammadu Buhari can jail any members of his family if found guilt of corruption".

      Once again my hope for justice has been brought back to life. Now I hope that soon, Mr. President will bring to book the following:
      (1) governor of Kano state (Mr. Ganduje) for taking bribe which the whole world saw the footage.

      (1) All those governors that did 'vote buying' to win elections in Osun, Edo and Ekiti state etc.

      3) All those governors who used their state funds to sponsors our president's campaign in 2014/2015.

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  • What's your comment the people that are always anti Buhari.He will not be the 1st APC man that will go to jail.

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    • A sitting senator !
      Up Buhari.God bless u.The retrogressives will later see the way you help rid off Nigerians from corruption.May Allah continue to be with u.
      Saraki has no hidden place any longer.All the serving ministers and legislators taking our multi billion pension as former governors are now ask to vomit the money.
      This one cuts across party lines. Up Buhari and congrats on your amiable daughter graduation.
      Ist class !

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      • You are a useless bastard by saying up buhari,what has buhari done to Nigeria as a country useless bastard to hell with u.

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  • This is a good judgement, that's why orji uzo kalu is supporting asiwaju tinubu for 2023 presidency, thinking he Will help him .orji uzo kalu is a criminal and deserve the sentence

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