Revealed: Buhari’s daughter bags first class in photography at UK university

Proud mum and daughter, Aisha and Hanan at her graduation on Tuesday 3 December

First Lady, Aisha Buhari has announced the graduation of one of her daughters, Aisha Hanan Buhari Jnr, with a first class degree.

What ought to be a celebration of brilliance and academic excellence with the First Family has been overshadowed by speculations as to where the younger Aisha graduated.

In her tweet on Tuesday night, Aisha edited out the school, but the photographs displayed and some of the people who attended, including the wife of the Nigerian High Commissioner in UK, clearly indicated that the graduation ceremony was held in UK.

Aisha Buhari also did not state Hanan’s course of study.

Congratulations to Hanan Buhari

Hanan Buhari, her sisters and mum Aisha Buhari

“Alhamdulillah ! Today I was joined by family members, friends and well wishers for the graduation of my daughter, Aisha M Buhari Jnr who graduated with a first class degree.

“I’m grateful to the good people of Kebbi State, where her final project was located for all their support.

I want to particularly thank H.E. Gov Atiku Bagudu, Ibrahim Bagudu, the First Lady of Kebbi the Emirs of Gwandu and the Emir of Daura”, she tweeted.

Aisha Buhari, Hanan and well wishers

Hanan Buhari now certified to practise creative photography

However checks on Google indicated that Hanan Buhari graduated from Ravensbourne University , London. She studied photography, which has been her passion. Last year, she held an exhibition in Abuja during which she displayed some of her works.

Based on Penrose Way, Greenwich Peninsula, South London, Ravensbourne University is a digital media and design university, with vocational courses in fashion, television and broadcasting, interactive product design, architecture and environment design, graphic design, animation, moving image, music production for media and sound design.

The school, which was established in 1962, charges yearly £9,259 for UK students and £13,500 for international students.

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  • at least she made a good class congrat. but make a good use of yur profession to create job opportunity to yur fellow nigerian like me

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  • Not all animals are equal. I wish everyone could send his children to school in UK.
    The herdsman is spending Nigeria tax payers and borrowed money on his family, his health

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  • JASPER you had second class lower at University of Nigeria Nsuka, enemy of progress, she justify the millions, first class, if it was easy for you why can't you make first class in your Phylosophy degree, you remember you are one the poorest student in the class 1983, I know everything about you, you're still agitated for the last election, this government has less than four years, Atiku and Peter Obi are not dead, but they rest in peace, you can wake them if you can,
    Hajia Hanan Buhari congratulations, my grease to your elbow,

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    • You must be crazy and a complete fool, if Jasper had the opportunity to study in UK with all the taxpayer money spent on your brat Aisha, Jasper would have made a first class in Law not even Philosophy that was shoved down his neck by your corrupt University here.,Under normal circumstances , put any poor man kid in UK University without school headaches or whatever and see whether you won`t be seeing first class products in Law, Medicine, Engr etc courses.

      You dey here dey yarn opata,, am sure your parents are boot lickers or cleaners in Aso rock, omo ale.

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  • Photography. That's as much as her brain could take her.

    I can hardly imagine that millions was spent on her just to study photography. Something she would definitely not practice as a profession.

    Just for bragging rights. I studied in UK university. That's it.

    What do I say. National cake. Easy money. Easy come. Easy go.

    I hope she comes back with a certificate at least.

    Photography ke? What a waste of national resources. What a confused and failed government.

    What a country. There was a country. What a situation. I take a stroll. Nonsense.

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