Another Korean actor, Cha In Ha has been found dead in his apartment just weeks after two famous young K-pop stars Goo Hara and Sulli committed suicide.

The lifeless body of the 27-year-old star was found in his home on Tuesday.

His death was confirmed by his agents Fantagio in a statement. The agency said that they were ‘filled with grief’ by the ‘heartbreaking and unfortunate’ news of his death, which comes just two years after he made his acting debut.

In a statement, his agency said: ‘We feel devastated to deliver such heartbreaking and unfortunate news. ‘On December 3, actor Cha In Ha left our sides. We are truly heartbroken to deliver sad news to everyone who has sent lots of love and support to Cha In Ha until now. We are filled with grief at this news that is still hard to believe.

The statement continued: ‘We earnestly ask for rumours to not be spread and for speculative reports to not be released in order for his family, who are experiencing greater sadness more than anyone due to the sudden sad news, to send him away peacefully. As wished by his family, the funeral will be held privately. We express deep mourning for his passing.’

Currently, Cha’s cause of death has not been confirmed, but it is currently being investigated by police according to The Straits Times.

In Cha’s final Instagram post before his death, he wrote: ‘Everybody watch out.’