Dayo Amusa

Popular Yoruba actress and filmmaker, Dayo Amusa has disclosed that she is not making any money from Nollywood as it is widely believed by many Nollywood fans.

She lamented that even after shooting 12 movies and still counting, she is yet to make in the industry but however expressed hope of making money from Nollywood someday.

Amusa who is also into music in an interview with The Sun she does other things that generate money for her even before joining the industry.

“I do a lot of things that generate money for me,” she said.

“I have always done business even before I came into Nollywood and I am still in business. I came into Nollywood as an actress before becoming a movie producer and to date, I have shot 12 movies and still counting. Truth be told, I have not made money from Nollywood yet. After 12 movies I have not made the kind of money that I should make but I know I will make it.”

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You see, there is a difference between making a huge profit and then, just getting your money back on your investment. I haven’t broken even” she added.

Speaking about challenges, Amusa said it saddens her that her movies are not yet being shown in cinemas.

“I love doing good movies and putting up good content. I think my major challenge now is that my movies are not showing in all cinemas in the country like I hoped and it saddens me.”

“Their excuse is that my movies are indigenous and the titles are local but I am like ‘we get to watch foreign movies indigenous to different parts of the world yet subtitled and these movies are been shown in our cinemas so I ask the question ‘why can’t we encourage our local content?’ I want to believe that even if a movie is 100 percent indigenous, that does not stop it from showing in cinemas as long as the movie is well subtitled.”

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She further said the challenge has greatly affected her as an independent filmmaker by not getting the opportunity to showcase what she has.

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