Emmy Songz

By Funmilola Olukomaiya

The Lagos-born alternative musician Emmy Songz is set to release his long awaiting EP “rare gem” on 20 December 2019.

Off the project, he released “Phone” a record produced by MLV Drumz and “Good Loving” a record produced by Skobs which got on iTunes Nigeria World Chart with a nomination from Top Naija Music Award a few weeks ago which is yet to be made official by the organizer of the award.

The recording artist shares inspiration behind the ep and the name, he further explains few songs on the project and from the look of things, he is on his way to becoming a mainstream artist soon.

The 23-year-old is blending musical elements from his culture and others, from Classic R&B, Soul, Afrobeat and Alternative Pop which he fused together to make-up his project “rare gem”.

Songz’s music comes from many places and takes a lot of forms every year.

The project is made up of soulful vocals, fused genre, and his desire to provide good loving for the one he loves.

“When I looked at my musical style, I looked at some of the melodies been mixed with my feelings. But now, I have been able to build my confidence and control my feelings” he says.

His debut EP is a dish of afro-inspired sounds, drawn from various parts of afrobeat.

With credit from music producers; MLV Drumz, Skobs and Mantra, and Urban contemporary gospel artist, KASID, who served as a music director, vocal coach to Emmy Songz on the song “Jealous” and “Sunday Morning” and also engined the project alongside Skobs.

At what point in time did you start recording this EP?

The EP was a decision I took after recording “Phone” in May, so I would say I started recording the EP from May till October (2019). But to be clear, I recorded over 25 songs randomly and wrote over 60 songs till I got that spark and said it was time to give them what they have been longing for so long.

Most EPs are made up of 5 songs, why did you make up an EP with 25 tracks on it?

LOL! don’t get me mixed up, it a 6-track project with over 19 tracks that didn’t make the project. The reason I recorded a lot of songs was to have a moment of clarity within me why working on the project and at the same-time I had to show my versatility on every track till I got what I was working towards.

So how has the journey been so far?

It has been God all along and the EP has a song I titled “Sunday morning”. A record I called my thanksgiving song or service and according to the lyrics, I gave gratitude on my journey so far and said to myself “I know on a Sunday Morning it all going to be alright” so be grateful for life period and keep faith alive.

What was the inspiration behind the EP?

Basically Love

Why Love?

It all because I started singing in the heartbroken part of my career. I started out as a rapper, not a singer. That way you will always hear my heart been poured on every track on “rare gem”.

What inspired the name “rare gem”?

The fact everyone I dated felt I was using them and though I was just hiding my true self from them. They never took out time to understand me, I was just a rare soul with a heart of a gemstone they failed to understand. So, I decided to give relationships a break and took It upon my craft to set the record straight among others and many to come. Most importantly this is a face I never want to undergo again.

When would the EP be made available?

On 20 December 2019, but first it going to be released on BoomPlay on 4 December 2019 exclusively for streaming and download. The ep is copyrighted and licensed under NDE Music Group.