A new born baby: Just an illustration

It was a double tragedy as a newborn baby was abandoned on wasteland by his teenage mum, only to be eaten by a pack of stray dogs.

The newborn had been stuffed into a plastic bag and dumped in wasteland in Kaohsiung in southern Taiwan, local media said.

Police in Taiwan said they recovered the plastic bag and tiny human bones hidden among tall weeds and suspected the baby was gnawed to death.

His mother, a 19-year-old known by her pseudonym Xiao Mei, is reported to have mental health problems and had been under the care of local social services.

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Taiwanese media outlet SETN said that the teen gave birth on October 8. Xiao and the boy’s 28-year-old father then allegedly abandoned their newborn on wasteland behind a residential tower block.

The pair, who met online, had been struggling for money and lived together in a rented flat in Kaohsiung’s Siaogang District.

The couple then reportedly fled to central Taiwan and hid in an internet cafe for nearly a month without leaving.

Social workers called the police after they failed to locate Xiao and the couple were traced earlier this week.

Cops noticed her baby bump had disappeared and when asked where the child was, Xiao reportedly said she ‘threw away the baby on the same day he was born.’

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