Akeem Lasisi of Phenomenal English clinic

In another lesson on correct usage of English phrases, journalist and poet, Akeem Lasisi of the Phenomenal English clinic, focusses on another phrase often misused by many people

At home, parents will ask their children or gardeners ”to wet the grass” if the grass appears to be drying up. Is it a correct expression? Will you rather say ‘whet the grass’, the ‘wet and whet’, sounding alike. But of course, both words have different meanings.

Lasisi here tells us, the most appropriate thing to say. And it is so simple, it will shock you! Watch him:

And from the archive of Phenomenal English, we also share another phrase we used inappropriately when we go to restaurants.

Do we ‘order food’ or do we ‘order for food’? Check out how to say it flawlessly to avoid embarrassing ourselves.