Sowore: DSS says waiting to release him to ‘someone’

Sowore in court on Wednesday
Falana and Sowore in court on Wednesday

The Department of State Services (DSS) said no one has turned up at its headquarters to take delivery of Omoyele Sowore, detained activist, politician and publisher of Sahara Reporters, after it received the court order to release him.

Spokesman of the agency, Dr Peter Afunanya said it is imperative for accountability reasons that someone collect Sowore from the agency.

“It is important that the public notes that since the receipt of the Order, no person has turned up at the DSS to take delivery of him. This becomes imperative for reasons of accountability”, Afunanya said in a statement Friday.

“The DSS wishes to confirm that it has received the court order for the release of Omoyele Sowore,” the statement read.

“It is important that the public notes that since the receipt of the Order, no person has turned up at the DSS to take delivery of him. This becomes imperative for reasons of accountability.

“However, the Court has been properly briefed on this development and the steps being taken to ensure compliance with its Order.

“The Service, under the leadership of Yusuf Magaji Bichi (fwc), as the Director General, is not a lawless organization and will never obstruct justice or disobey Court Orders. It, therefore, affirms that it will do all that is needful once the appropriate processes have been concluded.

Sowore got into DSS trouble after he called out Nigerians to join his Revolution Now movement, with a national demonstration on 5 August.

But the DSS arrested him in Lagos 3 August and later flew him to Abuja where he is still being detained, despite a court order releasing on bail.

Sowore’s lawyer with Femi Falana has threatened to sue the DSS.


  1. If this matter is properly trief I can be sure sowore will be completely exonerated of those concorted accusations, we all know that the unathourised authorities are clearly just using government mussle on him, if that guy really commited treasonable offence the whole world would want to know how the accusers describes his action to be treasonable, llet them define it to us, this country is a joke,

  2. ” Corrupt constitution 99″ Thrives .

    Until, until the ” Correct Constitution by the INDIGENOUS people are enshrined and is law of the land then the people can
    Boldly declare and pronounce what name they WANTED TO BE CALLED NOT ” NIGERIA “….


    Df Role in Nigeria Rustic Village Ichi

  3. U call him a miscreant from your position of comfort.

    He is not a lone voice, he is just the bold voice at the moment.

  4. The DSS is right. In case he runs away like Nnamdi Kanu, the person who took delivery of him will be taken in exchange. Enough of miscreants abusing the system

    • You’re simply an animal in human skin. I don’t blame you. You’re simply a product of a society without a value. If not, your generation won’t continue to beg for from the white to leave a good life when you can actually provide for yourself. And now somebody is bold enough to confront what your generation and cowards like will never dream of , still you can open your dirty mouth and call him miscreant. Did you go to good school at all. It’s either you’re a co-destroyer Nigeria or you’ve lost your sanity

    • Yoruba people are their own problems. There is no harmony and unity of purpose and That’s why they are relegated to the background. Shame!!!

    • I know you are comfortable where you are,you are connected. What Sowore is talking about is brand new Nigeria and new constitution. We are tired of travelling abroad for success. Nigeria is our country. President is not our problem, our problem is the system and corrup politicians who forced themselves on us through money, because they knew poverty is affecting majority. Law affects only poor Nigerians. This is bad.

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