Kundankulam nuclear power plant hit in cyber attack

India’s Kundankulam nuclear power plant, the country’s largest has reported a partial cyber-attack, local newspapers reported today.

The attack occurred in early September. But details only seeped into the public domain last week.

According to Deccan Chronicle, the news of the attack became public after virus scanning software VirusTotal indicated that a large dump of data has been stolen from the plant.

The Department of Atomic Energy, the overseer Nuclear Power Corporation of India (NPCIL) initially debunked news of the attack as social media rumour, but it later admitted it.

The NPCIL, in its statement admitting the attack, said that it took place due to an infected computer being connected to the same network as the rest of the plant’s administrative system.

While no physical symptoms or impacts from the attack are being seen right now, the attack is still alarming for how prepared India’s cybersecurity is, Deccan Chronicle said.

While VirusTotal made it public, it was first flagged by reputed cybersecurity professional Pukhraj Singh, who had allegedly informed the Indian authorities.

Singh, who had previously worked for the National Technical Research Organisation said he had informed the relevant Indian government authorities on the 3rd of September..

Singh said that multiple critical systems had been hit during the attack.