Supreme Court Judgement: Judiciary sabotaged by dictatorial cabal – Atiku

Alhaji Atiku Abubakar

By Kazeem Ugbodaga

Nigeria’s former Vice President and presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in the last election, Atiku Abubakar has reacted to the Supreme Court’s judgement which nullified his appeal against the election of President Muhammadu Buhari, saying the judiciary has been sabotaged and undermined by an overreaching and dictatorial cabal.

The Supreme Court had in an unanimous judgement on Wednesday affirmed that Buhari was validly elected as Nigerian President in the 23 February presidential election.

A seven man panel of the court, headed by Justice Tanko Ibrahim Mohammed, the Chief Justice of Nigeria, also dismissed the appeal filed by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and its presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, challenging the victory of Buhari at the presidential election.

Atiku, in a statement after the court’s judgment stated that “it is said that the Supreme Court is not final because it is infallible, but that it is infallible because it is final. While I believe that only God is infallible everywhere, and only Nigerians are infallible in our democracy, I must accept that the judicial route I chose to take, as a democrat, has come to a conclusion.

“Whether justice was done, is left to the Nigerian people to decide. As a democrat, I fought a good fight for the Nigerian people. I will keep on fighting for Nigeria and for democracy, and also for justice.”

He thanked all Nigerians who had stayed the course since the commencement of trial in the petition on the February 23 presidential election, saying that the judgement was part of democratic challenges “we must face as a nation.”

“The Nigerian judiciary, just like every estate of our realm, has been sabotaged and undermined by an overreaching and dictatorial cabal, who have undone almost all the democratic progress the Peoples Democratic Party and its administrations nurtured for sixteen years, up until 2015.

“Can Nigeria continue like this? Recently, former United States Assistant Secretary of State for Africa, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, averred that Nigeria had rolled back the democratic gains she made in 2015. When democracy is rolled back, the economy, the society and the judiciary will not be far behind. Today, the nail has been put on the coffin and the gains we collectively made since 1999 are evaporating, and a requiem is at hand.

“In a democracy, you need a strong judiciary, a free press and an impartial electoral umpire. Nigeria has none of those three elements as at today,” he said.

Atiku added: “One man, one woman, one youth, one vote, should be the only way to make gains in a democracy. And when that is thwarted, the clock starts to tick.

“Two and a half millennia ago, Sophocles said “If we are to keep our democracy, there must be one commandment: “Thou shalt not ration justice.” Nigeria will do well to observe this warning.”

The former vice president said to those who thought they had broken his spirit, he was sorry to disappoint them, as he was too focused on Nigeria to think about himself, adding that he gave up that luxury twenty years ago, saying that “the question is not if I am broken. The question is if Nigeria is whole?”

According to him, “This is not a time for too many words. It will suffice for me to remind Nigeria of this – we are an independent nation and we are the architects of our fate. If we do not build a free Nigeria, we may end up destroying her, and God forbid that that should be the case.I was a democrat, I am a democrat, and I will always continue to be a democrat. May God bless Nigeria.”

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    • ...tears of shame indeed. What is the matter with this man now? What ever Buhari can do, I can do better (remember him getting on the exercise machine the day after the President walked a short distance?).

      Anyone acquainted with Nigeria politics know Buhari was very popular both in the north, across the Yoruba land etc. So what is he crying for now?

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  • End of a road for thieves Atiku and the PDP. Nigerians have spoken and the PDP are crying and crazy. What a mess! Atiku and PDP should apologise to Nigerians before it is too late.Kudos to President M.Buhari, Nigerians and the APC..

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  • Alhaji Atiku, you are a funny man, you are fighting for who? Nigerians don't need you as president, you have seen the handwriting on the wall, what magic do you want to perform after you serve for 8 years as first vice president, what do you forget in Aso that you going back there to take, ' AM I NOT ENTITLE TO ENRICH MY FRIENDS ' President Buhari is transparent and honest, you can't bit that record among Nigeria past leaders. He has ever in his entire life live with one wife, he cut his coat according to his size, he has no jet to go to Dubai to date Arab women, he can only afford one wife, you were in Dubai last year to marry the fifth wife, you pay one million dollars for dowry, you are just too lavish, I wish you work for the money, he marry an Igbo lady and made igbo man vice president, and promise to give OZEKHOME, AGF, you move finally to Dubai with all your family, Alh. Atiku Abubakar, you're too desperate, you move round to four political parties, finally arrive at PDP camp with a promise of five thousand dollars to each contestant just to get the presidential ticket, you rented all the hotels in Portharcourt, Wike was by the corner enjoying your money with Ayodele Fayose, Uche Secondus eating the money any how, that guy Secondus PDP need to fire him and Kola Olongbodiyan.ALHAJI ATIKU ABUBAKAR, Iku ya ju esin lo, you depend so much on your money, { owo e do ju ti e } what will you tell those girls that you promise to give a ship load of Nigeria crude oil, if you lift one table of Nigeria crude oil anyway you can't try it, you talking of cabals, all the cabals endorses you, I did not see them in court yesterday, where was OBJ, who said only Atiku can give Nigerian three square meal, OBJ got bribe for that statement, Atiku all the endorsement you get get during your campaign, none of them was in court right from tribunal to supreme court, and none of them work for you, at least Bishop Oyedepo he was in one or two of your rallies.

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    • Just look at the kind of rubbish a human being is writing....You cant even speak good English,yet you want to speak...My friend go and sleep,you are one of the morons we have in this country..

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  • Hahahahahah ....Nigerian politicians .. Nigeria? Emmm .. where i go start sef? hahahaha ... Atiku says he will continue to fight for Nigerians,from where? Dubai,UAE. These Nigerian politicians are never gonna stop us from laughing, hahahaha. They are thieves,wicked,idiots,self centered and comedians. Atiku of all politicians is blaming Nigeria judiciary for his woes,what?this dude been part of the system for how long? in a sane society he should be in jail but he should thank the same judiciary he's blaming for not working in Nigeria. "What goes around comes around," Atiku,you're reaping from what you've sowed. If after all these years in the system you put in place a judiciary that's not corrupt you would be right to condemn the system.Go back to Dubai,(UAE)to do what you do best,mess around with beautiful Arabian women. SOB.

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  • was this thief called Atiku expecting to win in the Supreme court, when he could not even proud the puerile allegations against the president and INEC. Shameless thief

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  • Buhari nominated the judges, so they will work for him. There is no checks and balances in the Nigeria government. That is why we can not have an improved system that can impact on the lives of the people.

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    • Senior, since you are one of the leading Mr. 2-Knows, please tell us how many of the Supreme Court Justices did Buhari appoint? I am waiting.

      Owolabi Alaba

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    • Yes o, the same way the Judges worked for PMB and APC in Zamafara and Rivers State. Bad losers!
      We give glory to almighty God that someone like ATIKU will never get to rule this nation

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  • Alhaji, you thought you were going to win Buhari in his court, what an understatement.

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    • Pardon me doc, but the public have the right to expect certain degree of logic and commonsense from an entity who calls himself a doctor. Funny you weren't kind enough to declare your academic discipline. But since I have not heard of faculty of stupidity yet, I have to relent with you.

      My point though is this: if Buhari controls the judiciary, why has so many elected APC got revoked by the same judges - from Electoral Tribunal all the way to the Supreme Court?

      Oh what a melancholic doctor you must be.

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