Aaron Carter: moving to Canada

The American singer and rapper, Aaron Carter said he is relocating from US to Nova Scotia in Canada.

The 31 year-old star who made his relocation plans known to his fans on Saturday, said he is almost consummating the movement as he had signed all contracts to have his castle in Nova Scotia renovated.

He also called out to Canadian Justin Bieber that he’s coming to dominate his space. He posted a photo on Monday, showing him in front of his new castle in Nova Scotia.

Aaron Carter, right in fron of his new Castle in Nova Scotia, Canada

“Got my official move in date for my castle 🏰 in Canada 🇨🇦 🥰 CONTRACTS BEING SINGED AS WE SPEAK #Blessed #Solice Can’t wait to have some peace and quiet and privacy while being able to still entertain. Sorry @justinbieber. I’m taking over Canada now. 🥳 All LØVË Lil bro”

On Saturday, Carter took to Twitter to tell his followers that he is moving “fast” and said Nova Scotia “is one of [his] favourite places in the world.”

“So I’m about to get a rental car and drive a few hours to go see my new home. I’m [sic] move fast. My brother in law Mike lives here and my niece Alyssa so I have family here and Nova Scotia is one of my FAVORITE PLACES IN THE WORLD! Plus it makes for shorter flights for Europe tour,” Carter tweeted.

“I hope Canada welcomes me and doesn’t treat me the way people do in America it’s really foul I had to get out and I moved quick. Pun intended.”

As reported by globalnews.ca, Carter Carter posted a photo on Instagram from a hotel room in Nova Scotia, captioning it: “Today is that day!! Changing my whole lifestyle. Getting away from all the crap. Making my music and living my life in peace waiting for my future wife to find me or I find her. #NovaScotia #WeAreTheNorth PREPPING MY MIND BODY AND SOUL FOR OVER 200 shows next year.”

Aaron Charles Carter was born December 7, 1987 in Tampa Florida.

He began performing at age 7 and produced his first album at 9. He sold million of copies worldwide.

His second album Aaron’s Party (Come Get It) (2000) sold three million copies in the United States, and Carter began making guest appearances on Nickelodeon and touring with the Backstreet Boys shortly after the record’s release. Carter’s next album, Oh Aaron, also went platinum, and the musician released what would be his last studio album for 16 years, Another Earthquake!, in 2002, followed by his 2003 Most Requested Hits collection.

He had since appeared on Dancing with the Stars, the Broadway musical Seussical, the off-Broadway musical The Fantasticks, and made several one-off performances. In 2014, he announced that he would begin releasing new music and began by releasing a single featuring rapper Pat SoLo, “Ooh Wee”, which first became available as a free download with purchase on his web store. Carter released the single, “Fool’s Gold”, on April 1, 2016, and an EP titled LøVë in February 2017. His fifth studio album of the same name was released on February 16, 2018.

*Background by Wikipedia.