Speaker Nancy Pelosi

“Once again, President Trump is deserting an ally in a foolish attempt to appease an authoritarian strongman”, said Democratic Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, in a statement released on Monday against Trump’s decision to withdraw from Syria, dpa reported.

She slammed the United State President for callously abandoning the Kurds whom she called the U.S partners, and called for a reversal of the decision.

Also, Republican leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, said the decision would reverse progress already made in the region, warning the withdrawal would benefit Russia, Iran, and the Syrian government while allowing the return of the Islamic State.

“American interests are best served by American leadership, not by retreat or withdrawal,” McConnell, popularly regarded as Trump’s most important ally in Congress, is quoted in a statement.

The Senate majority leader said there was a super majority in Congress supporting a continued military presence in north-east Syria.