The collapsed bridge in Taiwan that crushed fishing boat.

A bridge in eastern Taiwan collapsed on Tuesday, colliding with boats below and causing casualties, fire safety officials said.

An oil tanker truck that had been about to cross the bridge also fell to the ground.

The seriously injured driver was immediately rescued from the burning vehicle and sent to the hospital, according to the National Fire Agency.

The 21-year-old bridge, located in Nanfangao, a fishing port in Yilan County, collapsed at about 9.30 a.m. (0130 GMT).

So far about 10 people have been pulled from the water and are being treated in hospital, the agency said.

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No deaths have been reported.

At least six people on fishing boats remain missing and underwater rescue teams are searching for survivors, the agency said.

Two rescuers from the coastguard were also injured and sent to a hospital, it added.

Most of the people reported injured so far were foreign guest workers from the Philippines and Indonesia, who had been staying on fishing boats to avoid Typhoon Mitag, which brought strong winds and torrential rain to the island late Monday and into Tuesday.

The storm had cleared and the sun was shining in Yilan when the bridge collapsed.

Witnesses interviewed by local broadcaster SET TV said they saw the bridge suddenly “free falling” to the ground.

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Separately, at least 12 people were injured when Typhoon Mitag lashed Taiwan.

The Central Emergency Operation Centre (CEOC) said that most people were hurt by falling objects or were blown off motor scooters when the fast-moving typhoon skirted the island.

Part of the power grid was damaged, leaving 66,773 households without electricity, the CEOC said.

Almost 5,000 residents living in the mountains or flood-prone areas were evacuated.

Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau lifted its typhoon and heavy rain warnings on Tuesday as Mitag continued to weaken.

It is expected to reach South Korea late Wednesday, the dpa news reported.