By Funmilola Olukomaiya

For an amazing posh look that gives you glitzy glitter nails, you should consider wearing a dazzling glitter nail polish.

Glitter nails are simply classy, sassy and fun and can come in the brightest, loudest sparkles you can ever imagine!

As cute as glitter nails are, glitter nail polish is a pain to remove no matter how gorgeous it appears on the nails.

It is no gainsaying that you might end up spending about three hours (or more) and using up bottles of nail polish remover just to get the polish off your nails and if adequate care is not taken, you might be left with rough and coarse nails, no thanks to the rubbing done to the nails in a bid to rid them of the polish.

Apart from excersing a lot of patience, the tips listed below will help you avert the downright messy situation of cleaning glitter nail polish from your nails, thereby ensuring that the stubborn glitter nail paint comes off in no time.

1. Soak a small cotton ball in an acetone-based nail polish remover, good enough if you can get one with vitamin E, so your nails are not left feeling dry. Place this soaked cotton ball on your nails.

2. Secure the cotton ball on your nail with a small rubber band or cover the nail and cotton ball in a small strip of tin foil. This will help to firmly wrap the cotton ball around your nail while securing it in place.

3. Calmly wait for about eight to ten minutes for the polish remover to soak into the glitter.

4. Pinch the cotton ball of foil pieces off gently from your nail. This will help take all of the glitter nail polish off with it. But if you see more particles remaining, simply soak another cotton pad with some nail polish remover and wipe the glitter off the nail.

Be sure to apply these simple tips if you are wearing gel polish too.