The quartet listed for eviction

The quartet of Tacha, Seyi, Khafi and Mike are up for eviction in the ongoing Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem Gang House. Khafi just survived one attempt on Sunday to send her back to London Metropolitan Police.

Most of the nominations on Monday for eviction appeared propelled by the pursuit of revenge by the housemates.

Seyi went into the Diary Room first where he nominated Khafi and Tacha. Considering what has transpired among the trio, his nominations did not come as a surprise. But one wonders why Diane nominated Omashola and Mike.

As for Frodd, his nomination of Ike was understandable. During his VPH moment, he had replaced him with Venita and that scars still hurt the resident slow tiger.  As for his nomination of Mike, well, that’s to show the Game is getting intense.

Quite naturally, Tacha nominated Seyi and Mike. Talk about serving it hot to each other. And the resident sugar Daddy had no option but to reciprocate. Call it tit-for-tat. For Mike, nominating Omashola and Tacha was quite normal, both have got means to keep themselves in the House.

When it was Mercy’s turn, she nominated Omashola and Khafi. Well, she has her reasons! But when Elozonam chose Frodd and Tacha, we were like oh yes, the guy wanted to live up to his promise to Ebuka on the Live Show yesterday. Also, he and Frodd are not on good terms.

As an open-minded person that she is, Khafi explains her nomination of Seyi and Mercy. She said that she nominated Seyi because of his vendetta against her and Mercy because she was unhappy that she wasn’t evicted.  Then Omashola nominated Mercy and Tacha while Ike nominated Diane and Khafi. Cindy capped it with her nomination of Diane and Ike.

When it was Omashola’s time to use his Veto Power, the look on his face showed how very disturbing it was to bear the VPH badge. His displeasure was so obvious that besides the streaks of sweat that shone on his body, he also had to be reminded by Biggie he had 10 seconds to decide. In a confused state, he had to choose Seyi. From the way he let out a scream after the decision, it was clear that he was not proud of it. In short, he stormed out of the room immediately wondering about what he had just done. It took Biggie’s summon before he returned to the Lounge where he later confirmed his nomination.

After Omashola’s safe and replace power, we now have Khafi, Mike, Seyi and Tacha nominated for possible eviction on Sunday.