Video: Nigerians loot Lagos Novare Mall pretending to avenge xenophobia

one of the shops vandalised at Novare Lekki Mall
one of the shops vandalised at Novare Lekki Mall

A Nigerian has provided a shocking video of the looting of one of the biggest malls in Lagos, the Novare at Sangotedo, Lekki Lagos.

Some Nigerians who went there on Tuesday, claiming they were protesting against the attacks against Nigerians in South Africa, actually had another agenda in mind. They went there to loot the stores.

Shoprite is one of the stores in the expansive mall. The video shows the thieving protesters carrying a lot of items home.

Police apparently failed to offer the shops any protection.

Time Keepers shop emptied by looters at Novare Mall Sangotedo

Watch the video of the hoodlum-looters:

On Tuesday night, traffic to the area, was grid-locked, with people spending hours to reach home.

There was also looting at the Adeniran Ogunsanya Mall in Surulere. The shops looted belonged to Nigerians.

At Circular Mall in Jakande-Lekki, the so-called protesters succeeded in ransacking the shelves of Shoprite, before the police and the military came in to protect the shop.

Watch the video by TVC:


  1. I hate this caption. In as much as I don’t support violence, but does the life of a Nigerian worth the looted commodities in that mall?

    • Donatus it is unfortunate that U want to drag us down to the level of the South Africans. If they bring it low, we are supposed to raise the bar high. The bags of semovita that our people looted from shorite, in my view will not bring back the lives lost in SA. It will only momentarily settle the hunger of some low lives who looted. Looting is not the resolution of this issue. The hunger of these low lives will return after a few days!

    • Donatus, what does looting the shops/businesses of fellow NIGERIANS in Nigeria (such as the Timekeepers store shown in the picture) have to do with “the life of a Nigerian”?

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