Lagos vows to solve Oyingbo traffic gridlock challenge

Dr. Frederic Oladeinde

Lagos State Government at the weekend vowed to tackle the perennial traffic gridlock caused by traders and commercial bus drivers in Oyingbo area of the state.

Commissioner for Transportation, Dr. Frederic Oladeinde who tour Oyingbo axis of the state said the present administration would be forced to wield the big stick if the street traders and other traffic law offenders refused to do the right thing.

According to him, the government had also taken proactive measures by identifying 60 highway junctions and corridors across the state critically affecting traffic movement and flow within the Lagos metropolis.

He said the government of Babajide Sanwo-Olu was committed to solving congestion as well as promoting multi-modal transportation system in the state.

“We have come here to look at the enormity of the congestion problem especially the gridlocks and where we have market people obstructing the road and I think I am beginning to understand why they have refused to go into their markets.

‘’The facilities are inadequate we are going to be working with the Local Government chairman in this areas to find adequate solution for the market people to move back into the market. We are going to find a way in which we would clear the ‘ Yellow Danfos’ commercial buses off the roads by finding them parking space to make the roads free.

‘’The roads are meant for movement, not for parking passengers, not for selling. We have the taskforce on standby and by next week after talking with Local Government Chairman and looking for solution for these people to move, we will come here and clear the road and make sure that the roads are free and there is less congestion.

‘’Most importantly, Oyingbo is a key area for multi-modal transportation, we have the rail line at the back, we have bus reform, we have the water jetties on this corridor. We can bring all these together and make Oyingbo a hub. It is important that we restore Oyingbo to what it should be not a market place or a place known for chaos.’’

Oladeinde lamented the chaotic traffic snarl in the axis, saying that “We will clear all these obstruction and we would get a free flow around here. We are going to Yaba, we have the same problem in Yaba, we will go to Ajah and every area where we have market activities obstructing the roads, we will discuss with the Local Governments and ensure we give the traders a decent place where they can sell their goods and get them off the roads. The pedestrian way is for walking, for connecting with public transport not for selling, we will make sure that we enforce that.”

On Oyingbo New Bus Terminal, the commissioner said the government had spoken with the contractor handling the project to go back to site, saying the project designed for multi modal transportation integration was 90 per cent complete.